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Since 2008, parents around the world have trusted Apex Social Group to unlock their children’s greatest potential through integrating skilled Care Professionals  and a cultural exchange experience  into their daily life.  Apex works closely with each family through a highly personalized and innovative placement process, understanding their unique needs to find just the right support to help them thrive.

Our Difference

Apex Care Professionals  have chosen a career path  in a health, therapy or education field. Families choose us because over the last 15 years we have developed a strong Care Professional community  to ensure a consistent talent pool for our families. We have developed partnerships with hundreds of European and American universities, vocational training schools, hospitals, and other globally recognized organizations—resulting in a talent pool of qualified candidates who are beginning their career path and eager to apply their skills, education and experience in a family setting.

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Areas of Experience

Apex Care Professionals come from professions  in a child development or therapeutic field including:

Our Standards

Host Family Process

01 Needs Assessment & Application

Our knowledgeable Family Advisor will take time to get to know you and your family. As we learn about your children and their needs, we’ll also take time to learn more about your family’s unique personality, household dynamics and challenges. Our goal is to gain a complete understanding of the type of care your family requires, along with the special skills and experience you want in a Care Professional.

02 Personalized Care Plan

We believe in creating strong relationships with our families based on personalized service, transparency, and trust. We will outline a personalized care plan that focuses on your family’s unique needs and goals. as well as, identify key benefits you want to offer to attract your ideal candidate. We’ll make sure that you fully understand your family’s care plan before making a commitment.

03 Interview Candidates

During the interviewing process, you will be supported by a Matching Specialist who knows each candidate personally and will provide helpful information and tips throughout the selection process. We provide you with the insight you need to select the candidate that best fits  your family’s unique needs, lifestyle, personality and interests.

04 Make Your Match

Selecting a Care Professional is often the most exciting part of the process. Extend a job offer to your favorite candidate, agree on the terms, and match! Your Matching Specialist will guide you every step of the way to ensure you are confidently selecting the right candidate for your family. We’ll handle all the fine details and you’ll have a team to support you through the entire onboarding process and beyond.

Apex Individualized Care Plan™

Empowering children to develop to their fullest abilities through consistent, one-on-one, in-home childcare and partnering to create an Apex Individualized Care Plan™.

A Solid Foundation For Your Family's Care Team

The Apex Individualized Care Plan™ (AICP) uses a whole-child approach to create a structured outline of goal-focused childcare and practical suggestions for helping your Care Professional become the “nucleus” of your child’s care team.Your AICP, guided by the Apex Educational & Therapeutic Resources Team, will feature strategies derived from evidence-based professional research and literature as we strive to deliver a fundamental shift in how your child(ren) reach their optimum potential.

Mission Driven

Unlocking Children’s Greatest Potential by Integrating Skilled  Care Professionals and Cultural Exchange Into Their Family’s Daily Life.

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