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Since 2008, parents around the world have trusted Apex Social Group to unlock their children’s greatest potential through integrating skilled Care Professionals and a cultural exchange experience into their daily life. Apex works closely with each family through a highly personalized and innovative placement process, understanding their unique needs to find just the right support to help them thrive.

Apex Individualized Care Plan™

Empowering children to develop to their fullest abilities through consistent, one-on-one, in-home childcare and partnering to create an Apex Individualized Care Plan™

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A Solid Foundation For Your Family's Care Team

The Apex Individualized Care Plan™ (AICP) uses a whole-child approach to create a structured outline of goal-focused childcare and practical suggestions for helping your Care Professional become the “nucleus” of your child’s care team.Your AICP, guided by the Apex Educational & Therapeutic Resources Team, will feature strategies derived from evidence-based professional research and literature as we strive to deliver a fundamental shift in how your child(ren) reach their optimum potential.

Mission Driven

Unlocking Children’s Greatest Potential by Integrating
Child Care Professionals and Cultural Exchange
Into Their Family’s Daily Life.