Childcare as unique as your family

Discover your potential as a family,
with Live-In Child Care

We understand the challenges parents face when caring for children with autism, ADHD, physical limitations, or learning differences. 

What is Developmental Child Care?
Care Porfessional with Special Needs Child Trevor
Special Developmental Needs
At Apex Social Group, we recognize that the need for live-in support for individuals with special needs continues beyond childhood and into early adulthood.
18+ Care
Infant Care provided by Care Professional
Early Childhood & Infant Care
Apex Social team member provides Service to Host Family
Service Areas
Who we serve

Specializing in Live-in Care for Families with Special Needs

Apex Care Professionals come from European and American universities, vocational training schools, hospitals, and globally recognized organizations. They have backgrounds or degrees in therapy, education or healthcare. This allows them to understand and support each child’s unique needs and goals, helping your child thrive. You can have peace of mind with an Apex Care Professional, knowing your child is receiving the compassionate care and support they deserve.


We Verify

All application information:
Proof of education & degree,
child care experience & hours accumulated.
Work or visa eligibility.
Personal & professional references.

Our Unique Approach

We empower families by matching them with compassionate, highly qualified and culturally rich, live-in child care professionals.

We Provide

Criminal background check
Personality analysis using Dr. Hartman’s “The Color Code.”
Personal interview.
English language assessment.
38 hours pre-departure training.

Compassionate, Skilled Child Care with Backgrounds in:

Client Testimonials

Partners & Awards


Physical Therapist
Occupational Therapist
Speech Therapist

Health Care

Nursing Specialist
Healthcare Worker/Nurse
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