Families can feel confident that with Apex Social Group they have a dependable, experienced team to help create an environment to meet family’s unique needs and goals. Our reliable Care Professionals understand how to work with children with developmental disabilities and prioritize child safety and individual needs. Apex upholds non-negotiable standards of excellence to ensure each child receives superior care, and families can trust our Care Professionals to maintain confidentiality, positive relationships, and commitment.

We are a global team of moms, parents, therapists, nurses and skilled childcare professionals. We understand, and we can help.

2000+ successful placements. 15+ years in service. 1 mission.

Empowering Purpose: Apex Social Group’s Mission


Founded in 2008, Apex Social Group has been a trusted provider of exceptional child care services catering to families with children of varying abilities. Our offerings encompass care for newborns, twins, toddlers, pre-school, K-12, and even 18+ age groups. Particularly, parents seeking support for children with developmental requirements find our expert assistance invaluable.

At Apex Social, we deliver a distinctive boutique-style service that transcends the conventional nanny agency experience. Throughout our journey, we have successfully placed more than 2,000 Care Professionals with families spanning 1-2 years. Our meticulous selection process involves handpicking individuals through a rigorous 12-24 month assessment period, ensuring their readiness for an extended international commitment.

In recent years, the labor market landscape, not only in the United States but also in Germany, has witnessed a unified trend in sectors such as nursing, education, and therapy. A shortage of skilled professionals has led to a challenging ratio of job openings to available candidates, often reaching levels of 2:1 or even 3:1. This scarcity of talent has driven up demand and subsequently, remuneration in their home countries. However, Apex Social stands out as a beacon of opportunity, drawing these promising care professionals with our sterling reputation among universities, colleges, and vocational schools. Our unwavering support and secure environment during their overseas commitment make us an enticing choice.

Following our selection process, we collaborate closely with each family to seamlessly match them with the Care Professional best aligned with their unique requirements. Throughout their journey, we provide comprehensive support to both the family and the Care Professional. With a remarkable track record of over 6.5 million hours of service in family homes and an impressive 95% satisfaction rate among host families, Apex Social Group truly shines as the go-to choice for secure and adept child care, especially for families with distinctive developmental needs.


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