Our Commitment

Apex Social Group commits to providing high-quality, in-home childcare solutions to make that decision much easier.  Apex verifies each  candidate to ensure they meet all regulatory standards, as well as the standards families expect.

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By hiring a Care Professional through Apex Social Group, families know they have a dependable, experienced team to help create an environment to meet family’s unique  needs and goals. Our reliable Care Professionals understand how to work with children with developmental disabilities and prioritize child safety and individual needs. Apex upholds non-negotiable standards of excellence to ensure each child receives superior care, and families can trust our Care Professionals to maintain confidentiality, positive relationships, and commitment. 

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Our Mission

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Our Company History

Our Child Care Professionals are Trained Through the Apex Social Academy, and we're recommended by the VeryWell Family Board
Our Partners \ Affiliates Include Autism Speaks, The German Red Cross and Bridge USA

Founded in 2008, Apex Social has provided top-tier childcare to families with special developmental needs. Apex Social offers a boutique style service experience that goes beyond the typical nanny agency. Since its inception, Apex Social has served over 1,000 host families with over 2,000 Care Professionals, partnering with  each family to match them with the Care Professional most suited to their specific needs and supporting them both in their journey. Our Care Professionals have accumulated over 6.5 million hours of service in family homes at a 95% host family satisfaction rate, making Apex Social Group stand out among the rest when it comes to providing safe, skilled childcare for families with special developmental needs.

Apex Social Founder Susan and her Family at the Beach

A Letter from Susan:

Dear Host Family,

As a working mother with three children, a demanding career and no local family support, I personally understand the challenges that families face looking for high quality childcare. Not only is it time consuming, it’s also a very difficult and emotional process to navigate alone.

In 2005, after the birth of my first child, Klaus, I struggled to find childcare that fit my family’s needs. I knew I needed live-in childcare and I wanted to have German culture and language for my Children, but was disenchanted with the available nanny and au pair options. After extensive research I decided to start recruiting my own international childcare providers from Germany. Not only were my children safe, loved, and well cared for, my international live-in nannies gave me the peace of mind that allowed me to go back to work without worry. My children are now bilingual and many of our amazing nannies are still part of the family and come to visit frequently. This experience formed my desire to create something distinctive, Apex Social Group, and help parents like me, as well as those with special needs.

At Apex Social Group, I am personally involved with the recruitment of our child care professionals. Unlike other agencies, Apex Social Group sources its candidates directly through our office in Germany allowing us to meet our applicants personally and ensure they meet our incredibly high standards and pass our intensive screening process.

Our long-term relationships with educational institutions like the First European Occupational Therapist School and the German Red Cross provide us with highly qualified and experienced professional caregivers.

Whether you need a Care Professional to care for your first baby, toddlers, twins, or a child with special needs, you can rely on us to provide your family with the same peace of mind that my family and hundreds of other Apex families have experienced in the last decade.

Today, Apex Social Group has grown into an international organization, providing families throughout the U.S. and Australia with Care Professionals who are not only highly qualified, but also loving, engaged, and motivated to make a difference in children’s lives. I see that difference every day thanks to my most recent Care Professional (and all her predecessors!) who have positively, wonderfully and irrevocably impacted the lives of my own two amazing children.

I would like to invite you to watch these inspiring stories from parents like you, who kindly shared their Apex experience.

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