Apex Individualized Care Plan™

What is the Apex Individualized Care Plan?

The Apex Individualized Care Plan™ (AICP) uses a whole-child approach to create a structured outline of goal-focused childcare and practical suggestions for helping your Care Professional become the “nucleus” of your child’s care team. Your AICP, guided by the Apex Educational & Therapeutic Resources Team, will feature strategies derived from evidence-based professional research and literature as we strive to deliver a fundamental shift in how your child(ren) reach their optimum potential. The Care Plan is designed to help your Care Professional engage fully with your family’s care team and builds upon your child(ren)’s unique skills and needs. The goal is to offer a framework to track your child(ren)’s development while keeping the time commitment at a minimum.

Educational Professional with Children

Empowering your Child

Empowering children to develop to their fullest abilities through consistent, one-on-one, in-home childcare and partnering to create an Apex Individualized Care Plan.

We believe in creating strong relationships with our families based on personalized service, transparency, and trust. We will outline a personalized care plan that focuses on your family’s unique needs and goals. as well as, identify key benefits you want to offer to attract your ideal candidate. We’ll make sure that you fully understand your family’s care plan before making a commitment.

Family Needs Assessment

The Family Needs Assessment (FNA) is created during your intake with our Family Advising team or during your placement onboarding. It includes physical, educational, and developmental domains and skill levels. The FNA gives fundamental and valuable information about each host child, establishes a baseline, and helps identify milestones/goals.

Apex Individualized Care Plan™

Your family’s Apex Individualized Care Plan (AICP) is drafted by the ETR team based on your FNA, Family Profile and your feedback. It identifies your goals for your host child(ren) helping you communicate your expectations with your Care Professional. Milestones/goals can include things your child(ren) are already working on, or new milestones/goals you would like your child(ren) to learn, generalize or maintain. Strategies and activities can also include anything that is already being done that works well. They may also include suggestions from your child(rens)’s other care team members, or from you, your Care Professional, ACD and ETR Manager.

Monthly Progress Tracking

Your Care professional will prepare a monthly progress report to review with the ETR Educational Team and to share with you. The form is very simple, to ensure it can be completed with a minimal time commitment. It is designed to identify where your child(ren) is/are at each month, which strategies are working, and which strategies were changed or added by you or your Care Professional. It also shows when milestones/goals have been reached and can be celebrated. In this case, new goals can be added, if desired, or the focus will shift to the remaining milestones/goals. 

Meet the AICP Team

Our Education Team will guide you through the AICP Process and will be by your side step by step. 


Amanda Narra

Amanda is the Director of Educational & Therapeutic Resources (ETR) at Apex Social. She is a certified educator in the fields of regular and special education as well as a licensed Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA, LBA). She is responsible for the development and implementation of our professional development program for Care Professionals, providing training and coaching through our Apex Academy as well as support to Host Families.

Viktoria Scott

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Vicky is the Assistant Director of ETR and a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT). She is a 2016 Apex Care Professional alumni. Vicky holds a BSc in Health Studies – Occupational Therapy and is currently working towards her MA in Psychology/Applied Behavior Analysis degree. She plans to pursue an international certification as a Behavior Analyst and has extensive experience in the field of special needs. Vicky is from Austria and resides in Nevada.




Andi is an Educational Associate on the ETR team and a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT). Andi is a 2022 Apex Care Professional alumni. Andi holds an undergraduate degree in the field of communication as well as a certificate in Early Childhood Education. She is continuing her studies in ABA as she pursues an international certification in ABA. She has a well-rounded experience working with children and families in the area of special needs. Originally from South Africa, Andi currently lives in Georgia.