5 Tips on How to Successfully Ride the Highs and Lows of Being an Entrepreneur

Building a business, and being a founder or entrepreneur can be adventurous, exciting and fulfilling. It’s also tremendously hard work, stressful and filled with emotional highs and lows within the pressure to succeed. Susan Asay, Founder and CEO of Apex Social Group has been traveling that road since 2008 and shares 5 tips from her own experience on how to navigate this road successfully.

  1. “Be Comfortable with Failing. Fail Fast and Fail Forward.”
    Susan is a visionary and admits she is not always clear when she communicates and promotes new ideas. It’s through the mistakes and failures that she’s acquired the experiences and insights that have helped pave the way to success.  Learn to take chances, embrace your mistakes and move on.
  2. “Everyone Needs a Rosie.”
    Meditation and personal rituals have helped Susan stay grounded and focused in every area of her life. She personally follows the guidance of a spiritual advisor named Rosie to help stay centered. A spiritual advisor may not be everyone’s preference, it might be a business coach, breathing exercises or a calming ritual. Discover what helps you find your center, give you clarity and make it a ritual. 
  3. “You Need a Professional Support System.”
    Susan is part of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization Forum which is a trusted network to make life-enhancing connections and to be surrounded by people who have shared experiences to foster growth. Susan has quoted, “Many times personally, they have helped me define the emotional high or the emotional low I was feeling when I couldn’t quite express it myself; which was then helpful in enjoying it or better, working through it.” Find a group of people where you can facilitate growth for one another.
  4. “Know Your Superpower.”
    Susan’s superpower is her ability to actively listen to people, really hear what their problems are, and then know how she can help them. It comes naturally to her and she uses her superpower to make a difference in people’s lives.  Operating from your strengths in alignment with your purpose will make a significant difference in your day-to-day fulfillment and happiness.
  5. “Have a Bad Ass List.”
    Susan thinks everyone should create a list of their biggest achievements, and title it “Bad Ass List.” When life gets challenging and you’re feeling low, a list like this can really help re-energize, re-motivate, and remind you of all that you have succeeded in. It is even more satisfying to grow your list of successes and be proud of it. In fact, I’m off to start my list now.

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