Meet our Care Professional of The Year Runner-Up: Sandy!

CP of the year - meet Sandy

Sandy is one of the most incredible young ladies we have met. She leaves a lasting impression on others she is around. Her contagious laugh and positive outlook are just a few of her positive qualities. Sandy has created the most incredible bond with all three of our children. She makes each of them feel special every day. We have three children between the ages of 5 and 1 and a half. She has instilled such everlasting qualities, skills, confidence, and so much more in our children. Our children are better kids because of Sandy. 

Sandy knows that no matter how much knowledge and experience she gains, there is always more to learn. She is constantly creating age appropriate activities for our children while modifying by age and level, with the goal in mind that everyone has fun, but is learning and challenged. She holds high expectations for herself and our children. She is always patient and caring. Whether all the kids are happy all day and following all the rules or everyone is crying, throwing tantrums, or arguing over toys Sandy has a smile on her face and handles each situation with grace. 

Sandy’s approach to caring for our kids has always been one of open-mindedness and growth. She believes that by having a growth mindset, she can continue to develop her skill set, find new ways to meet the needs of those in her care, and strive for excellence in all caregiving areas. Sandy lives out a growth mindset by regularly researching ideas on the internet, taking courses related to child development and therapy and keeps up with current trends and best practices by reading blogs and articles related to caregiving. Additionally, Sandy actively engages with other professionals to learn from their experiences. She asks for feedback and is always open to learning new strategies. She enjoys participating in therapies, attending the kids’ schools, and encouraging our children’s growth mindset. Sandy attends many of our daughters’ therapy classes. Every therapist knows Sandy and raves about her everytime I see them.  She takes the children places while thinking about how accessible a place is for Victoria. Her greatest gift to our children is showing them they can succeed even when faced with challenges. She does this through modeling, words of encouragement, and patience.

Care Professional of the year with her host children

Sandy goes above and beyond for our kids. She understands that providing care involves more than just physical needs and emotional and mental support. Sandy ensures our kids with the best possible care by ensuring their individual needs are met daily. Sandy checks with them daily to ensure that all of our kids receive the utmost attention. She takes note of any changes in behavior or demeanor and works hard to alleviate any issues they may have. Sandy puts a smile on their faces. From the time she comes upstairs in the morning, all the children run to her arms wide open or call her name. She makes sure to greet them individually and her love for them shows. Sandy attends the girls events outside of her work hours. She truly cares about each of them and their interests. 

Additionally, she strives to ensure that we are informed of all necessary information surrounding the well-being of our children so they can feel secure in knowing our kids are being taken care of properly. Whether they are creating the next incredible art activity, building the coolest fort, going on scavenger hunt, playing pretend, learning ballet, having a dance party, or being a shoulder to cry on, while covered in snot, she maintains a smile on her face and truly enjoys our children. In her off time, she researches activities, new strategies to support learning, and different ways she can meet the needs of our child with special needs. 

CP in front of a christmas tree with her host child

Sandy has developed a unique approach to helping her kids. She strives to use her creativity and problem-solving skills to find innovative solutions that can improve the lives of those in her care. From developing individualized activities to creating ways for our daughter with cerebral palsy to participate with her siblings, Sandy knows how to present creative solutions and ideas to help our children achieve their goals. Sandy understands the importance of finding outside-the-box approaches to help children live healthier and more fulfilling lives. She uses her diverse knowledge base – combining elements of psychology, sociology, medicine, and nutrition – to develop strategies tailored specifically to each one of our kid’s needs. Her ability to think creatively allows her to come up with unique solutions that have proven successful time and time again. Sandy has even shown us as parents strategies to use with our children and when overwhelmed or stressed how to just smile and dance through it all.

Sandy understands that each child has unique strengths and works with them to help them reach their maximum potential. Sandy takes the time to build relationships with those she cares for, showing genuine interest in their lives and goals. She then uses her knowledge and experience to help them set achievable goals, encouraging them every step of the way. Sandy also ensures that everyone feels safe when working together by providing a non-judgmental environment where individuals can freely express themselves and grow as people.

Care Professional of the year on the beach

There are few people we trust our children with, especially having a child that is non-verbal and non-mobile. Sandy is on that list of the very few. She gives positive reinforcement tailored towards each child's needs and helps them recognize their successes no matter how small they may be. Sandy's caring nature brings out the best in our kids, giving them confidence and motivation to push through any obstacles they face on their journey. Sandy is not seen by us as a care professional, she is family to us.

She is the absolute best Care Professional, daughter, sister, and friend to us all. She will forever hold the most special place in our hearts.

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