Our Favorite Adaptive Swimwear Syles for Summer 2023

Discover the liberating world of adaptive clothing, where independence and style meet physical restrictions head-on. For individuals facing challenges such as limited motor control, wheelchair use, cerebral palsy, with sensitivities, or autism, dressing oneself or being dressed can be a daunting task filled with obstacles like buttons, zippers, and snaps. However, adaptive clothing offers a solution that eliminates these difficulties while preserving personal style.

The essence of adaptive clothing lies in its practical designs, meticulously crafted to accommodate diverse needs. But it doesn’t stop there. The best adaptive clothing goes above and beyond by incorporating calming, nonabrasive fabrics that ensure individuals with sensory-related disorders can experience the utmost comfort and freedom from discomfort or irritation. This perfect fusion of practicality and sensory consideration is what sets adaptive clothing apart.

Here are a few of our favorite adaptive swimwear options where practicality and fashion intertwine to empower individuals and foster a sense of independence.

Girls Adaptive Swimsuits

Victory Adaptive Swimsuit - Floral

This one piece swimsuit for girls from Victory Adaptive is cute, fashion-forward and features bilateral hip velcro fasteners to make getting on This suit can also be made with or without a gtube insert.

Jumping Beans Rash Guard Swimsuit - Encanto

The zip front of this long-sleeve swimsuit makes getting into and out of it a breeze. The longer sleeves and one piece design helps protect sensitive skin or skin with conditions such as eczema. Encanto-inspired, the pattern is sure to delight your kiddo and maybe encourage some on the spot singing because that’s just what Disney does to the best of us.

Disney Adaptive Swimsuit - The Little Mermaid

I want to be where the pool toys are, I wanna see, wanna see them floating… can you think of a more fitting swimsuit to enjoy the summer in? Not only is it inspired by one of Disney’s best-loved movies, it has a variety of adaptive features and has built-in UV protection of SPF 50+.

Boys Adaptive Swimsuits

Disney Adaptive Swimsuit - Spiderman

Swinging in as another of our favorite adaptive swimwear choices for kids, this adaptive rash guard swimsuit features fabric fasteners and built-in UV protection. Delight your Marvel fan and be their hero for the day with this Spiderman-themed suit!

Victory Adaptive Swim Trunks - Flamingo

This boy’s swimsuit features a velcro fastener to make dressing easier plus and elastic waistband and ties, ensuring a great fit. Plus, it features a cool nineties inspired pattern that would make Screech envious.

Disney Adaptive Swim Trunks - Toy Story

We had to include one more Disney favorite! Skip the trip to Pizza Planet and take a detour to the beach with this fun pattern. These swim shorts feature ring snaps on the side panels, providing a full opening for ease of use.

We’ll see you in the water. 😎

P.S. If you want to get a jumpstart on your winter basics, Tommy Hilfiger has their cooler-weather adaptive wear on sale for boys and girls.

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