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Ascent Autism | Building Strong Relationships with Peers

At Ascent Autism, they are dedicated to fostering meaningful connections among individuals by addressing and enriching their social skills. Their mission revolves around assisting individuals in building robust relationships with their peers, which are essential for personal growth and fulfillment. Through their specialized approach, they aim to identify and address any deficits in social skills that may hinder these connections. By providing targeted interventions and support, they empower individuals to navigate social interactions with confidence and authenticity. Ultimately, their goal is to facilitate the development of strong, lasting relationships that contribute to overall well-being and success.

Evidence-Based Peer Group Therapy

Ascent Autism provides social skills group therapy. We help individuals with autism develop their social skills and grow social and emotional bonds with peers. Our special program from UCSF and Stanford Medical School has helped over a thousand people build lasting social skills and make friends.

Ascent Autism’s program brings together groups of peers who are on the spectrum. They create a safe and comfortable space for them to practice social skills and build stronger emotional connections with each other  – and it works.

Where Science, Data, and Medicine Intersect

Ascent Autism uses the newest findings in science, data, and medicine to offer group therapy for people with autism. Our experienced leaders lead groups that use artificial intelligence to monitor each individual’s development in social skills and create customized plans for their care.

Our science team, led by Dr. Bennett Leventhal and Dr. Young Shin Kim, studies how well our Peer Group Therapy works and tracks the important progress our participants make. Dr. Leventhal is a Professor of Psychiatry with 50+ years of experience working with autism and neurodevelopmental disorders.

Dr. Young Shin Kim is a Professor of Psychiatry at UCSF and Director of the Center for Autism. She’s won awards for her scientific work and is an important part of our science team, which helps us use evidence-based methods in our innovative peer group therapy.

Tackling Big Challenges

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, Ascent Autism was founded by Hye Ryeon Lee, PhD to tackle the biggest challenges individuals on the spectrum face.
Individuals with autism have unique life experiences that can make it challenging to connect with members of their local community. Ascent offers individuals with autism the opportunity to connect with like-minded peers to socialize, learn, and laugh with one another.

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