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Epona Therapy Services | Where Nature Meets Healing

Epona Therapy Services offers unique occupational therapy through hippotherapy, aquatic therapy, and nature-based sessions to empower children with new skills and confidence.

Nature-Based Occupational Therapy for Children

Epona Therapy Services revolutionizes pediatric care with its nature-based occupational therapy. Their approach, integrating hippotherapy and aquatic therapy, is designed to help children develop strengths, gain new skills, and boost confidence in a supportive and natural setting.

Unique Therapeutic Experiences

From playful interactions with therapy goats to building forts in the woods, Epona provides an enjoyable and effective therapeutic environment. These unique sessions not only foster skill development but also motivate children to apply these new abilities in their daily lives.

Transformative Therapy for Every Child

Epona’s commitment to personalized care ensures that every session is as unique as the family it serves. With a focus on individual progress and family support, Epona offers a holistic program that promotes learning, growth, and joy in every therapy experience.

Connect with Epona Therapy Services

For more information on their programs and how they tailor therapeutic plans for each child’s unique journey, visit Epona Therapy Services.


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