Tamsen Huver, Sales Director - West Coast

The First Behavioral Therapy Metaverse

Floreo’s vision is a world that is open and accessible for every neurodiverse person.

Their mission is to create the first behavioral therapy metaverse, a virtual world that is safe for learners, equipping them with skills and tools they can apply in their everyday lives. They have developed a VR platform that teaches social, behavioral, communication and life skills for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), ADHD, Anxiety and other neurodiverse conditions.

Floreo provides practice in situations difficult to replicate in home or office settings. Learners are empowered by practicing social skills in a safe and reinforcing environment. From exchanging money at the register of a store to crossing a sidewalk, neurodiverse individuals can practice our 175 lessons as much as needed.

Floreo is running several research studies, including a study in collaboration with the Center for Autism Research at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and National Institutes of Health.

After many years selling advertising for companies like The Washington Post Digital, Tamsen Huver joined Floreo to help spread the word about their technology– the first behavioral therapy metaverse.

She is passionate about sharing the value of using VR to help nurture the neurodiverse community in acquiring communication and life skills that will make an impact in their daily lives.

Tamsen Huver presented “How Virtual Reality can Help Teach Communication and Daily Skills” at our Autism Summit by apexINSPIRE on April 20th-21st 2023.


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