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Happy Homes Counseling

Bringing Happiness Back Into Your Home

Finding the right kind of mental health support can be difficult. Oftentimes, therapists require you to drive to an unfamiliar office, expect you to explain the challenges you’re having at home, and then return home to try and put what you’ve learned into action. Why not explore, learn, and change things in the home in real-time?

With Happy Homes Counseling, he can provide individual and/or family therapy directly in your home to address real challenges in real-time. Regain control of your life and bring happiness back into your home.

Get to Know the Founder, David Elliot

David Elliot is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. He believes everyone has the right to pursue happiness and that everyone possesses the capacity to seek out their own happiness. His clinical focus is on family dynamics, ADHD, substance use, and behavior management. His background is in Structural Family Therapy and he utilizes CBT and mindfulness to increase mutual understanding, compassion, & empathy.​

​He likes to bring my lighthearted demeanor to create a safe and non-judgmental environment into your home to help you and/or your family navigate challenging situations through open and honest dialogue. Once you’ve established a safe space, you will learn and effectively use the tools you need to have a home with loving, understanding relationships.

When he is not helping clients, he is often enjoying outdoor activities such as hiking, snowboarding, and jogging, and on a rainy day, he enjoys cooking, playing drums, and watching his 90-gallon saltwater fish tank. If you feel like Happy Homes Counseling would be a good fit for you or your family, please give him a call to schedule your appointment today. 

Services He Offers

Family Therapy
Navigating conflicts with children can be challenging, often leading to frustration and hurt. Through his approach, clients learn effective communication skills to address conflicts confidently and promote understanding within the family dynamic.

Individual Therapy
Understanding our childhood experiences and their influence on our behavior is crucial for personal growth. By recognizing and addressing these patterns, we can gain control over our thoughts and actions, leading to healthier relationships and self-expression.

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