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Joy and Laughter Developmental Therapy

Unlock Your Child’s Full Potential

Joy and Laughter Developmental Therapy is a neurodiverse-affirming pediatric therapy practice that provides speech, feeding, occupational, and physical therapy.

They aim to empower parents to understand and help their children reach their full potential in skills related to attention, communication, movement, and daily routines. They have been serving the Bay Area for over 10 years and have helped thousands of children meet their goals.

Their clients love having all their providers in one place where they can collaborate easily, allowing them to provide comprehensive care to each child and their family.

Why Joy and Laughter Developmental Therapy


Joy and Laughter Developmental Therapy prioritizes quality over quantity in their daily sessions. Their therapists have dedicated time for each patient for planning and documentation, allowing them to prepare activities that will bring out the best in your individual child. Gone are the days of one single activity set up for an afternoon’s worth of patients. Each child gets specialized, expert attention, with activities tailored to their needs and strengths.


Their truly revolutionary approach is in our cooperation. Every week, they have built-in collaboration time where your child’s therapist can learn strategies from other disciplines to take back to your sessions. They also can more readily identify the need for multiple diagnoses, allowing them to approach your child’s treatment from all the needed angles so they thrive.


Play is the business of childhood. Through play, children learn and develop as they make sense of the world around them. During their play, your child can relax and be natural, allowing us to more quickly identify any challenges they may be facing. They also stay more engaged with their therapist when they are having fun. Joy and Laughter means play with a purpose.

The Services Joy and Laughter Developmental Therapy Offers

Occupational Therapy
Building self-care skills, sensory processing and regulation, gross and fine motor skills, and visual perception.

Feeding Therapy
Helping children who are not able or willing to consume sufficient calorie diet via oral feeding to promote or maintain growth.

Speech Therapy
Improving expressive and receptive language, fluency, and voice, assisting with augmentative communication devices, improving social skills, and peer interactions.

Physical Therapy
Helping children reach maximum potential by optimizing positioning during activities, expanding mobility options, and increasing strength, endurance, balance, and range of motion.

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