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Monarch Kids Therapy

Empowering Each Child for Maximum Success

At Monarch Kids Therapy, they support every child’s unique needs through occupational and speech therapy services. They use a holistic approach that embraces each child’s individuality while respecting their unique family dynamics in order to empower each child for maximum success.

Monarch Kids Therapy strives to ensure every child has the opportunity to grow and learn through guided support from their family, teachers, and community while having fun in the process! 

The Vision of Monarch Kids Therapy

Monarch Kids Therapy is redefining the ways in which pediatric occupational and speech therapy are administered using the most effective research-based treatment interventions to optimize outcome efficiency. 

Their Therapy Approach

Monarch Kids Therapy uses principles in neuroscience, floor time, psychology, motor, and social learning while taking a whole child perspective that involves a thorough analysis of each sensory system and how they function together across all environments (home, school, community). This allows us to bridge the gap to make brain-body connections for optimal functional outcomes.

They strongly value and utilize a cross-disciplinary approach in order to get a full picture of your child in every environment with close collaboration with important people in your child’s life such as their teachers, outside therapists, and family members. 

To further enhance their therapy, Monarch Kids Therapy has hand-selected and formed a network of highly skilled professionals in the local community to serve as a resource when specific expertise is required. They not only complement the therapy they provide but also share a similar vision and passion for ensuring the most effective and highest quality of care for your child and family.


Monarch Kids Therapy is conscientious about your child’s health and well-being as well as yours. For this reason, they use plant-based, non-toxic products such as our baby wipes, antibacterial hand sanitizers, and hand soap.

Monarch Kids Therapy strives to minimize the use of plastic by utilizing wooden toys and furniture wherever possible. They value these same principles in our own lives as they understand the impact of toxins on our bodies, brains, and overall development.

Meet the Founders, Gina Yoo and Serli Vosghanian

Gina Yoo, a pediatric occupational therapist with over 20 years of experience, founded Monarch Kids Therapy to provide holistic care for children and families, emphasizing overall health and wellness. Specializing in sensory integrative therapy and drawing from various complementary approaches, she aims to address the complex needs of children, focusing on motor development, regulation, and attention. Gina values parental involvement, offering guidance and resources to support families, while also staying abreast of the latest research to ensure the highest quality of care.

Serli Vosghanian holds degrees in Psychobiology and Occupational Therapy, transitioning from stem cell research to pediatric therapy due to her desire for direct impact. Specializing in pediatric occupational therapy, she employs sensory integration and a child-led approach to empower children and support families. Outside work, she enjoys painting, mystery fiction, and beach time with her husband and Goldendoodle.

Services Monarch Kids Therapy Offers

Occupational Therapy

Monarch Kids Therapy supports your child’s unique needs to foster development in play, emotional and sensory growth, and ability to participate in daily living skills at their maximum potential. Gross motor, fine motor, visual motor, feeding, dressing, grooming, and hygiene skills are also supported through evidence-based treatment modalities. Your occupational therapist will complete a comprehensive evaluation to develop an individualized plan of care to meet your child’s needs and address your family goals.

Speech Therapy

Monarch Kids Therapy understands communication is the basis for social development, play, and emotional regulation. Understanding the foundations of language and speech development are critical in your child’s ability to learn and grow. Your speech therapist will complete a comprehensive evaluation to determine a treatment plan that is unique to your child’s needs and family dynamics.

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