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Open the Lid | Build and Nurture Meaningful Community

Open the Lid web-based classes facilitated by expert instructors specializing in technology, movement, and empowerment. Through these classes, participants gain valuable knowledge and skills in their chosen areas of interest. Their community fosters collaboration, support, and growth among learners, creating a dynamic environment for personal and professional development. With master teachers leading the way, their platform ensures high-quality instruction and guidance, enhancing the learning experience for all participants. By bringing together expertise and community, they empower individuals to explore new horizons and achieve their goals with confidence.

Lydia Dolch, Founder and Empowerment Coach

accessible community support for personal and social empowerment. Her focus lies in Group Empowerment Classes, catering to teenagers and adults of all abilities, including neurotypical and neurodivergent individuals. In these classes, Lydia fosters strategies for personal, organizational, and social development, utilizing peer support from a diverse range of individuals, including those with conditions like Autism, Down’s syndrome, and Cerebral Palsy. Additionally, she hosts Individual Empowerment Classes, aiding students and caregivers in navigating educational and community services, as well as accessing public funding sources. Through her work, Lydia emphasizes successful communication strategies, aiming to address challenges such as anger and overwhelm, ultimately guiding individuals toward their desired outcomes.

Curated Offerings to Navigate Learning and Empowerment


  • Group Classes are at the core of Open the Lid’s community. Like going to the community center, YMCA, mosque, temple, or church, you’ll meet teenagers and adults of all ages from different places, with diverse identities. Their community is a place where everyone learns from each other.

  • Individual Classes take you from where you are to where you want to be. They offer Movement Classes, Empowerment Classes, and Technology Classes. Students have started YouTube channels, used graphic design to create self-regulation posters, created systems to manage finances and paperwork, learned about internet safety, sex- education, independently navigated new technology to communicate using different channels, and built movement routines for physical health.


  • Workbooks spanning over 33 different lessons will help you understand the concepts more deeply and reinforce new ideas. Each lesson builds on the last and provides specific tools and systems for integrating new skills. Use what is helpful, and let go of the rest.


  • Videos complement each lesson by highlighting key topics and detailing the techniques that the lessons layout. Great for auditory learners or to watch before or after as an introduction/review.

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