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Championing Inclusive Education for All

Founded in 1986, PEAK Parent Center has been at the forefront of advocating for children with disabilities, ensuring they receive inclusive educational opportunities. With a mission rooted in empowerment and advocacy, PEAK offers a range of services designed to support families, self-advocates, and educators in creating environments where children can thrive.

Comprehensive Services for Families and Educators

PEAK Parent Center provides an extensive suite of services including parent and family advocacy supports, direct help, education on ADR/dispute prevention, and specialized projects like Project POWER. They host webinars, training sessions, and special events aimed at building a collaborative community focused on inclusive education.

Empowerment Through Knowledge and Support

Understanding the unique challenges faced by families of children with disabilities, PEAK offers tailored advice and assistance. From navigating the educational system to advocating for their children’s rights, families and educators receive the tools they need for effective collaboration and advocacy.

Join the Mission for Inclusive Education

PEAK encourages involvement through volunteering, donations, and participation in their training programs. Their vision emphasizes the belief that all children, regardless of disability, have the right to learn and participate in their community fully.

Connect with PEAK Parent Center

For more information on how PEAK Parent Center can support your journey towards inclusive education, visit their website at PEAK Parent Center.

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