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Rachel Holowicki, LEP

Rachel Holowicki, LEP

Tailored Support for Your Child’s Learning Development

Rachel Holowicki, a Licensed Educational Psychologist, offers comprehensive assessments and specialized support for children facing challenges such as ADHD, autism, learning disabilities, and anxiety. With a focus on individualized education plans (IEPs) and 504 plans, Rachel is dedicated to ensuring that each student receives the tailored support they need to thrive academically and emotionally. Her expertise extends to addressing the needs of gifted learners, ensuring they receive appropriate accommodations and enrichment opportunities.

Rachel works closely with families and educational teams to develop strategies through a collaborative approach that optimizes learning and promotes overall well-being for each child she serves. With a deep understanding of educational psychology, Rachel strives to empower both students and their support networks to navigate educational environments successfully.

What is a Licensed Educational Psychologist?

Licensed Educational Psychologists or LEPs are licensed professionals who specialize in understanding and addressing the psychological and educational needs of individuals, particularly in an academic setting. They are experts in many areas, including cognitive, social, emotional, and behavioral development.  This knowledge allows them to assess and support students’ strengths and areas of need. LEPs collaborate with teachers, parents, and other professionals to develop individualized interventions that promote academic success and emotional well-being for students.

Get to Know the Founder, Rachel Holowicki

When she was little, she loved to play “teacher.” She poured over her grandparents’ Encyclopedia Britannica collection for hours, always wanting to learn more. She has always known she wanted to work with children and share her love of learning. She explored the fields of medicine, education, and psychology over her collegiate career hoping to find a niche that fit her skills and passion perfectly. She found it in School and Educational Psychology.

She feels incredibly fortunate to have the ability to help children and families understand and navigate learning differences and disabilities. She truly believes every child can be successful.

Services She Offers

Whether you’d like to discuss your child’s behaviors, academic skills, or the IEP process, she’s here to help. She provides a free 20-minute consultation to discuss your concerns and how she can best support your child’s success.

Given that every individual is unique, the evaluation that she provides is tailored specifically to each child’s needs. She provides psychoeducational assessments and Independent Educational Evaluations (IEEs).

Professional Development
She provides parent education and professional development related to all aspects of child development and school adjustment. This includes topics like executive functioning, social skills, and navigating learning differences.

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