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Sunrise Therapies

Where Neurodivergent Individuals Rise and Shine

At SUNRISE, they are on a mission to include ALL individuals in our world and make sure they are seen as valuable. They strive to support all parents and caregivers to feel connected with their child, teen, or adult. EVERYONE deserves to have the ability to successfully engage in what they enjoy doing without stigma, judgment, or barrier. They want to encourage you to be better than you were yesterday, to reclaim your power back from a broken healthcare and education system, and to support our community in rising up as our best individual selves, to make our world a better place, together.

About the CEO and Founder, Erin Clarelli

As an occupational therapist with 8 years of experience, her approach is rooted in respect, dignity, and kindness for all individuals. Drawing from my background in teaching inclusive gymnastics to neurodivergent individuals, she understands the importance of listening to parents and being actively involved in her work. Continuously learning about sensory processing and the interconnectedness of our heart, brain, and body informs her practice, focusing on supporting families in their journey toward personal excellence and well-being through authentic connection and growth.

Personal hobbies: reading, yoga, weight lifting, hiking, meditation, traveling, being outdoors, organizing, spending time with animals, friends and family.

OT passions & expertise to support you in: Neurodiversity affirming care, autistic teens and adults, non-speaking or unreliably speaking community, spelling, sensory processing, mind-body connection (aka motor planning or praxis), mindfulness & yoga, mental & physical wellness, polyvagal theory, and motor-coaching intentional motor workouts & fitness.

Main geographic service areas: Poway, Carmel Valley, PQ, 4S Ranch, Del Mar, Encinitas, Solana Beach, Rancho Santa Fe, Rancho Bernardo, Scripps Ranch, Sabre Springs

What They Offer

  • In-person OT sessions locally to San Diego County
  • Coaching of parents, support staff, or anyone else willing and open to learning virtually, anywhere in the world!
  • Formal training for OTs wanting to learn how to support the mind-muscle connection in apraxia. So, they can have a ripple effect and get this information and support out there!

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