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The Morris Center | Unlocking Learning Potential

The Morris Center is an all-inclusive neurodevelopmental treatment and assessment center. They help improve the skills of children and adults who have difficulty with school or job success, e.g. poor reading, spelling, comprehension, writing, speech, math, sensory processing attention, behavior, or social skills. Uniquely, The Morris Center uses a transdisciplinary team of caring professionals, individually tailored assessment and treatment, and a scientifically proven treatment program. This program makes long-term improvements to weak skills that may cause academic or job difficulties.

Dr. Conway explains #DyslexiaScience

Dr. Conway explains #DyslexiaScience to 300+ professors at the University of Alabama Birmingham (UAB).

Dr. Tim Conway, a neuropsychologist (with remediated Dyslexia) who is professionally trained and published in lifespan neuropsychology, neurorehabilitation, neuroimaging (SPECT, fMRI, and DTI), and neurodevelopmental transdisciplinary team assessment and team treatment of Neurodevelopmental Disorders for children, teenagers, and adults. Dr. Conway explains the systematic program of 20+ years of peer-reviewed research and 35+ years of clinical assessment and treatment services by himself and his colleagues; this published, peer-reviewed research supports the high caliber services at The Morris Center clinics and the Neuro-development of Words – NOW! Company’s online tutoring.

Research and Evidenced-based Programs

The Morris Center exclusively uses the research-based and evidenced-based programs from the NOW! Company. Click to read more about the NOW! Company.

Whether you or your child needs OT, SLP, Psych, or a combination of all three, The Morris Center Trinidad and Tobago offers all services to help treat and prevent learning disabilities. Research has proven that a transdisciplinary, intensive approach to treatment is the most effective, and their staff strives to stay up-to-date with the most current research and methods.

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