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Therapy at Play | Achieving Goals Using Play-Based Approach

Therapy at Play is an interdisciplinary team of licensed and certified therapists with specialized training in private-based pediatric services. At Therapy at Play, they believe it’s important to not lose sight of the importance of play as the main occupation for their clients. They promote physical, mental, emotional, and social development in a fun, safe and client-centered environment. Therapy goals are achieved through play-based interaction and parent education.

Why Use a Play-Based Approach?

Children learn best and most naturally through play.  A play-based approach uses enjoyable activities to target a child’s areas of need. This approach has several benefits, such as increased attention and participation, improved cognitive abilities, and facilitating positive social interactions.

“Scientists have recently determined that it takes approximately 400 repetitions to create a new synapse in the brain- unless it’s done through play, in which case, it takes between 10-20 repetitions” Dr. Karyn Purvis

Meet the Founders, Zarah Gosiengfiao and Courtney Markovich

Therapy at Play (TAP) was co-founded in 2010 by Zarah Gosiengfiao and Courtney Markovich, who shared a passion for supporting children and families in achieving therapy goals. Filling a gap in their community, TAP offers occupational, speech, and physical therapy services for children not covered by school or medical programs. Emphasizing neuro-affirming practices, TAP prioritizes strong therapeutic relationships and parental involvement.

They’re actively engaged in community outreach, providing screenings and educational sessions for local schools and professionals. With a commitment to holistic development, TAP fosters a play-based environment where children feel safe and supported to learn and thrive.

Services They Offer

Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapists provide the assessment and treatment of children to promote independence in their daily living skills. Their licensed and registered therapists offer play-based therapy in a fun, inclusive environment in order to enhance functional performance and quality of life.

Speech Therapy
Their therapists treat difficulties in these areas through play-based interventions, including floor time, pretend play, storytelling, sensory play, art, music, and movement. They focus on functional communication and increasing speech and language skills in your child’s everyday environments.

Physical Therapy
Their licensed and registered Physical Therapists provide pediatric assessment and treatment of developmental gross motor movement difficulties. Physical therapy focuses on play-based strategies in order to promote functional mobility.

Feeding Therapy
Their feeding team includes a therapist with specialized training in the SOS approach to feeding and baby-led weaning, as well as, an OT licensed by the State of California for the treatment and evaluation of swallowing disorders.

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