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Transitions ABA | Empowering People of All Abilities

They hold the strong belief that people of all abilities can live self-sufficient lives when given the opportunity. That’s where they come in. At TABAS, they emphasize teaching the skills and building the confidence people with behavioral differences and developmental disabilities need to live happy and socially significant lives. 

As a passionate private practice with proficient expertise, they prioritize addressing each client’s needs in an effective and personalized manner. Their mission stands in being flexible and compassionate in their approach and they value collaboration as a necessity of therapeutic services.

Transitions ABA’s Story

Founded in 2023, Transitions was built from a strong passion for providing unique services to populations with developmental disabilities through direct therapy services. They know the importance and value of autonomy and strive to assist clients and their families to attain self-sufficient and most importantly, fulfilled lives.

TABAS’s mission is to provide evidence-based and therapeutic services that build client’s confidence and repertoire of skills to go out in the world and live their very best life. They strongly focus on families as a whole by supporting all members of a client’s household to ensure a well-rounded approach. 

At TABAS, they believe in the capabilities of their clients and they strive to fulfill the wants, needs, and dreams of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual Disabilities, and other related disorders.

Meet the Founder, Lydia Librizzi

Lydia is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and New York State Licensed Behavior Analyst who specializes in Autism Spectrum Disorders and intellectual disabilities. Lydia has extensive experience supporting and teaching individuals with varying abilities across the lifespan.

Lydia believes in a community-based therapeutic approach, making it her mission to provide services in a way that is interactive, engaging, and social. Lydia values happiness, communication, and community/household living as the most important skills for her clients to obtain and has developed TABAS in hopes to flourish these abilities in her clients. 

In addition, Lydia serves as an advocate and aspires all of her clients to embrace their individuality and be proud of their unique strengths and differences. Lydia instills this in her compassionate teaching, constant affirmations, and programming for client-led sessions.

Services that Transitions ABA Offers

  • DOE Funded Therapy Services
  • Assessments and Behavior Intervention Plans
  • Parent Counseling & Training

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