Volunteering as an Apex Care Professional: Building Bonds and Making a Difference at Camp Krem

There are many benefits to volunteering including making a difference, meeting new people, learning new skills and having fun. Beyond that, it is also a great opportunity for your Care Professional to grow the bond with your child.

Our Apex Care Professional Alumni and Physical Therapist Nicolas has volunteered at Camp Krem during his time in the US and has made great memories there – together with Ben, his special needs host child.

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Have you ever heard about Camp Krem

Camp Krem is a Summer Camp Program for people with special needs located at a beautiful campsite in Yosemite NP. During 6 sessions, each 10 days long, they offer an exceptionally fun and inclusive Summer Camp experience for both campers and staff. Besides their Yosemite campsite, they also have a travel camp and are working towards a year-round program. Annual, holiday-based, meet-ups, are a great step in the right direction.

“By far one of the most memorable things I did during my time as a Care Professional”

Nicolas had the chance to attend Camp Krem for one session last year as a 1:1 volunteer counselor alongside his host child Ben. About his time at Camp Krem he says that it was by far one of the most memorable things he did during his time as a Care Professional and wishes that others could have the same opportunity. For his host child Ben, Camp Krem meant new friendships, a super welcoming team of counselors, and ten days packed with fun activities outside of school and therapy.

Knowing that Ben is fully taken care of, with a professional medical team on site and in charge of administrating medicine, it was a great opportunity for Ben’s parents to catch a breath and spend some quality time with their other kids, doing things they are usually unable to do. For Ben, Camp Krem was one of the most amazing experiences he ever had.

volunteering apex care professionals at camp krem

Main takeaways from Volunteering at Camp Krem

To keep things short, here are his three main takeaways:

  • The bond between Nicolas and his host child grew even stronger and he really got to experience how special their connection is when being in an unfamiliar environment
  • Working amongst passionate volunteers from all over the world who want to create the most fun and accepting environment for special needs people
  • Experiencing the “American-Summer-Camp” Vibe first hand – a once-in-a-lifetime experience for your Care Professional!

Are you interested in creating a memorable, bond-growing experience for your child and your Care Professional this summer?

Here’s a link to Camp Krems website and Social Media where they also give exclusive insight into the Camp.

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