Apex Social's Live-in Child Care: Inspiring Family Stories

At Apex Social Group, we understand the unique needs of families with young children or children facing disabilities or developmental delays. Our skilled caregivers are trained to provide high-quality care tailored to each child’s individual requirements. They are experienced in supporting children with a range of challenges, including impairments of speech or language, difficulties with movement and motor skills, and genetic delays like Down syndrome. Our caregivers implement therapy homework, establish routines, and create a warm and supportive environment for each child. We are committed to ensuring that every child receives the care they need to thrive. Hear from families who’ve experienced the difference and contact Apex Social Group today to learn more about our compassionate care services for children with disabilities and developmental delays.

Autism and the Impact of Live-in Child Care​

Meet Host Mom Luisella, a passionate advocate for autism education and her son Mikey, who was diagnosed with autism at the tender age of one. Dive into their journey with Apex Care Professional Julia, a German Occupational Therapist.

Play Video about Mikey, a special needs child with autism, sits on the couch with his live-in chidl care professional, Julia

“I love Mikey and his sister!” Julia, OT from Germany – Apex Care Professional for Mikey

Autism and the Power of In-home Support​

Meet Katie and Patrick who are raising three little ones, including their beloved Ben who has autism and balancing careers. Learn how their Apex Care Professional Bianca, an Occupational Therapist from Germany, made an impact in their family.

Play Video about Katie and her son Ben, who has autism, walk the beach with their live-in child care professional

“We are functioning as a team day to day to divide and conquer.” Katie Gaughen, Host Mom & Social Worker, Hingham,

Non-verbal Cerebral Palsy - Specialized Live-in Child Care​

Meet Cindy and Mark whose daughter Mira, living with cerebral palsy, has embarked on a unique and inspiring journey with the support of Laura, a Apex Care Professional and physiotherapist from Germany.

Play Video about Mira, a special needs child with cerebral palsy, shares a laugh with her family and her special needs live-in child care professional

“I need someone who is thinking ahead. Having a Care Professional for Mira that is a Physical Therapist in Germany is a dream come true.” Cindy Kaplan, Coach & Author, Host Mom, Newton MA    

Navigating ADHD with Live-in Child Care Support.

At the age of six, Griffin received an unexpected ADHD diagnosis. He, along with his brother Becket, had been adopted from Ethiopia during infancy by Laurel – an enterprising single mother from Andover who managed her own business. Hear about how Benjamin, a compassionate and skilled pediatric nurse from Germany, seamlessly became an integral part of the family dynamics.

Play Video about Griffin, who has ADHD, works on his home alongside his live-in child care professional, Ben

“Adding a boy to the mix to my two boys as a single mom is really important. Benjamin is constantly out and playing with them.” Laurel, MA

Tuberous Sclerosis: Triumphs with Live-in Child Care​

Meet Kai, a spirited four-year-old with tuberous sclerosis. His path includes developmental delays and occasional seizures which made traditional child care options an impossible support solution for his parents. Learn how their Apex Care Professional Lydia, a German Occupational Therapist with experience working with special needs, transformed challenges into milestones of growth.

Play Video about Kai, a special needs child with tuberous sclerosis, sits at the kitchen table with his live-in child care provider

“Best decision we have made is to have the flexible help we need.” Claudia Riedt, PdD, Texas

The Difference of Developmental Child Care​

Hear how Sandra, an Occupational Therapist from Germany, utilized her specialized training and expertise to offer crucial assistance and guidance to Holly and her son Trevor, who had an undiagnosed developmental decline.

Play Video about Occupational Therapist and special needs live-in child care professional, Sandra, sits with host child Trevor

“It’s like having another adult in the home that loves your children.” Holly Ruxin, Host Mom, San Francisco

Thriving with a Chromosomal Abnormality with Live-in Support​

Meet Amy and Bill, who are raising a remarkable family. Devon, their 11 yr. old faces unique developmental challenges due to a chromosomal abnormality. They have three beautiful children, their other two are twin girls, ages six yrs. old. Here how Nicole, and their Care Professional who is also an Occupational Therapist from Germany helped support their family. “Nicole’s impact on Devon has been nothing short of life-changing.”

Play Video about Devon, a child with special needs who has an chromosomal abnormality, sits at his kitchen table facing his live-in child care professional, Nicole, practicing speech

“Sometimes our lives are like calling the White House. You don’t even know where to start.” Amy, Massy, Host Mom, Newton MA

Mastering the Art of Balancing Business and Babies

Juggling business and the challenges of raising babies under 2, watch Uli’s success story with the help of live-in care from Apex Social Group. While managing her business and the challenges of raising children– she was determined to find expert support. discovered Alex, a highly skilled Apex Care Professional and pediatric nurse from Germany. Together they embarked on a remarkable journey that showcased the transformative power of specialized care.

Play Video about Live-in Infant Care Professional Alex, walks down the sidewalk smiling at her host children, an infant and a toddler

“I’m a first-time mom… It’s more fun to do everything together. To have somebody on my side to talk to.” – Uli, Host Mom, Connecticut

Infant Care: Meet Christopher & Pediatric Nurse Kristina

Parenthood is a beautiful journey and also comes with its fair share of challenges, especially when it comes to balancing work, personal life, and the needs of a newborn. In today’s fast-paced world, where time is a luxury, parents often find themselves struggling to provide the undivided attention and care their little ones deserve. With live-in infant care, parents can finally breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that their child is in capable hands within the comfort and familiarity of their own home. What does specialized infant care look like, find out in this video.

Play Video about Kristina, a care professional who provides live-in infant care, feeds her host child

“It’s very hard if one of us is traveling, the other is working… Having a live-in child care professional allows us to have somebody to be the glue. There is always somebody home.”


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