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Apex Social Group sponsors, participates and hosts various events to provide valuable resources. By sponsoring like-minded organizations, we aim to amplify their reach and impact, creating a network of support that benefits families and Care Professionals alike. Additionally, we take great pride in hosting events that provide immense value to our community. These events serve as platforms for knowledge-sharing, networking and growth. Through our commitment to sponsorship and event hosting, we strive to empower families and Care Professionals with the tools, connections, and resources.

2024 Event Calendar

Join the 2024 Apex Surf Outing & Gala as a Premier Partner
March 21st – March 23rd – This is the largest gathering of occupational therapy professionals in the world. Expand your knowledge of practice, professional issues, trends, and more.
We are delighted to welcome you to join us for our 16th Annual Surf Outing celebrating the remarkable efforts of Care Professionals devoted to supporting children with special abilities. As a Premium Partner, you will have the exclusive chance to fully engage with our flagship event.​
REGISTER HERE and learn more about our agenda.

On January 29th, 2024 10am-3pm, Connect. Explore. Celebrate. Empower. The Next Steps Neurodiversity Resource Fair is a free community event dedicated to celebrating neurodiversity and providing resources and support for individuals of all ages who have autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and more.

85+ Vendors – mental health, diagnosis, medical, speech/OT, coaching, schools, support groups, advocates, mentoring, employment support, camps, neurodiverse entrepreneurs, retail and more! Sensory break area, food truck, face painting, Batman and friends, community connection corner. Discover more about the event and organization here.

Sunday, February 25, 2024 • 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., In honor of Jewish Disabilities Awareness, Acceptance and Inclusion Month (JDAIM) in, the JCC of Central NJ is hosting a Special Needs Resource Fair and publishing its 4th annual Special Needs Resource Directory. 

They will have a wide array of services at this event and in their directory, including:

ABA services • Adaptive programs (karate, aquatics, arts, etc.) • Dentists and orthodontists • Educational advocacy • Recreational programming • Residential services • Social skills • Special education schools • Special needs attorneys • Special needs products • Summer camp programs • Support coordination • Supported employment • Synagogues • Therapy services

Learn more about this event and organization here.

March 2nd 9am-11am. The Momentum Community Resource Fair is an event for parents and caregivers of individuals with disabilities, offering valuable resources and essential information for improved support and development. If you are dedicated to fostering meaningful connections and providing support to individuals with disabilities and medical conditions. For details click here.

On-Demand Resource Videos for Families and Care Professionals

Stephanie Bohn, Kelley Coleman & Mark Woodsmall, Host Parents who utilize Apex Social Group’s live-in child care, use their experience with the California Self Determination Program and share how they’ve been able to utilize their funding fortheir live-in Care Professional to meet their children’s unmet needs.


Thank you Stephanie Bohn, Kelley Coleman & Mark Woodsmall, Esq. for sharing your insights during the webinar and for providing this summary.

Access the materials here!

Apex Social Group and The Rad Lab have partenered together to help California families understand the CA Self-Determination Program. Hear from the President of The Rad Lab, Cathay Gott, MPL, and COO Julie LaRose, who is also an Independent Facilitator. This informational webinar includes:

  • A Step-by-Step Overview of the Self-Determination Program
  • Their personal experiences
  • Q&A


Watch the webinar today!

Join HomePay and Apex Social group for updates regarding California Au Pair Household Employment, Tax & Labor Law Compliance. Apex Social is committed to helping provide families with the information they need to empower them to be great household employers. Learn from HomePay about your responsibilities as a household employer in California HERE.

Cindy Kaplan shares her experience raising three children, including one daughter with special needs over the last 20 years.

As a parent, you have many priorities to juggle. Listen to Cindy share how she has learned to show up for herself, her kids, her spouse, and her care team, creating a life joy, purpose and meaning HERE.

This year apexINSPIRE hosted its first US facing Virtual Autism Summit and brought together leading experts in the latest developments in the world of neurodiversity. Acknowledging the unique challenges neurodiverse individuals face, this 2023 event promoted awareness, understanding, and provided new resources and support for individuals with autism and their families. Watch Sessions Here!

apexINSPIRE is a dedicated non-profit established by Apex Social Group that provides online learning opportunities and resources to help support individuals with special needs, their families and those in the Care Professions.

Want to learn more about Apex Social Group and our live-in developmental child care? Say hello to you 2021 Host Family of the Year. Stephanie Bohn, a Host Mom in Los Angeles, has been a longtime customer utilizing our services to ensure their children receive the best care possible!

“We are longtime customers and I can say without hesitation that we wouldn’t survive without them. Each of our caregivers has been phenomenal, and a beloved member of our family. They are making our children’s lives dramatically better and we hope they are part of our lives forever. We love the APEX team and deeply grateful for all they do.” Stephanie Bohn, Host Mom in Los Angeles

Watch the video our YouTube and learn why Apex Social Group is the answer for live-in child care services HERE.

Claudia Riedt, PhD is a Host Mom from Texas who uses Apex Social Group’s live-in special needs child care for her family. In this video, she’ll explain what sets our Care Professionals a part from a typical caregiver and makes our services truly unique.

Watch the video today!

It was an engaging event when The Arc of Northern Virginia and Apex Social Group joined forces to present an enlightening webinar. The event featured in-depth discussions aimed at providing valuable insights into navigating the Medicaid Waiver maze. Many people joined to benefit from the insights and advice shared during this informative event.

Watch the WEBINAR here!

2023 sponsored Events

The Rett Syndrome Research Trust and its sponsors hosted an unforgettable evening where guests indulged in delectable offerings from LA’s finest restaurants, experienced a compelling program, and enjoyed the heartwarming presence of friends uniting for a vital cause.

Against this backdrop, two gene therapy clinical trials were underway, made possible by the dedication of RSRT-funded researchers. The urgency to sustain the momentum toward a cure for Rett syndrome had never been greater. Through the support of generous sponsors and donations, the journey toward a cure for Rett syndrome continued, and the support, at the highest possible level, was immensely valuable and deeply appreciated.

The event included a special tribute to Alba Tull, a truly generous benefactor of RSRT, making the evening even more memorable. It was an evening filled with inspiration and excitement, and we were thrilled to have everyone join us as we collectively moved forward in the quest to find a cure for Rett syndrome.

Learn more about RSRT HERE!

The Alliance of Private Special Education Schools hosted a day full of fun activities and food to help provide over 50 various resources for families. Learn about this organization here.

Alpine Learning Group, a comprehensive resource for families living with autism in northern New Jersey, played a vital role in the community. Offering a full range of diagnostic and clinical services, along with established programs in education, in-home treatment, and adult services, Alpine had been a beacon of support for over 30 years.

Throughout this time, Alpine transformed the lives of individuals with autism and their families through innovative, comprehensive, and scientifically validated services, always delivered with a compassionate approach. The commitment to providing the highest level of care and support was evident in every aspect of their work.

Fundraisers, such as the Fall Affair, became crucial events that made it possible for Alpine to continue offering the essential care and support that learners and families relied on. These events were not just about raising funds; they were opportunities for the community to come together, offering an evening of dinner, dancing, inspiration, and a sense of belonging. The Fall Affair and similar initiatives were a testament to the dedication of Alpine Learning Group and its community in making a lasting impact on the lives of those living with autism.

Learn more about Alpine Learning Group!

Join others in your community of Holly Springs NC for fun in the sun as you enjoy the 7th annual neurodiversity resource fair, organized by The Brady Valcho Autism Foundation. Learn more about the foundation and their events HERE.


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