Distinctive live-in child care

Elevated professional support

Aimed at fostering win-win outcomes for everyone

1. Attracting & Retaining Child Care Talent

Care Professional Community Membership Platform
Educational & Therapeutic Program
Premium Health Insurance
Personalized Coaching for Excellence
Apex Social Career Center
Recognition Programs for Care Professionals

2. Matching Excellence

Skilled Candidate Pool & Cultural Enrichment Experience
Self Serve Candidate Portal
Personalized Matching Guidance
Candidate Screening
Household Employment & Hiring Support w/ Household Management Toolkit
Travel & Compliance Logistic Support
Pay-As-You-Go Payment Plan

2. Cultivating Success

Dedicated household Success Manager
Placement Resolution Assistance
Apex Household Management Toolkit
Apex Individualized Care Plan
90-Day Replacement Guarantee
Educational & Therapeutic Resources Support Team

Attracting & Retaining Child Care Talent

Empowering Care Professionals with outstanding benefits such as career development and our global community increases their job satisfaction and is the cornerstone of ensuring high-quality care and services year after year for families.

Benefits for Care Professionals

Membership in the Care Professional Community

Apex Care Professionals value the peer group they join when they are accepted into our program. They begin in a cohort while still in Germany and then join their local Apex community when they match with a family. In addition to monthly meet-ups in person, they also gain access to a unique community portal to help create a sense of belonging, support, motivation, inspiration, and the exchange of ideas to foster job joy.

Educational & Therapeutic Resources

Our Apex Academy provides tailored candidate preparation including Mindset and Skills Coaching in the Apex Standards of Service Excellence & Core Competencies. Our Educational & Therapeutic Resources team provides ongoing 1:1 coaching as well as workshops for continuing education. Our focus on educational support is one of the reasons we can attract candidates with skilled backgrounds and experience.

Premium Health Insurance

Our European Care Professionals have fully funded premium travel and health insurance policies, protecting them in case of illness or injury. This is an important benefit for our Care Professionals, mirroring the comprehensive health insurance coverage they are familiar with in their home country.

Personalized Coaching for Excellence

Our low ACD to placement ratio allows for personalized attention to promote job satisfaction and personal growth, which results in better outcomes for our families. The ACD provides individualized feedback, advice, and mentorship to help the caregiver grow and improve in their role.

Apex Social Career Center

Our Career Center provides ongoing career coaching to all Apex Care Professionals, helping them connect their work in your home with their long-term career goals. Career coaching includes resume support and personalized job placement in their home country when their placement is complete. This provides a sense of security that our candidates need in order to make the leap to go abroad after graduating from a degree program, knowing that Apex will support them to get a strong job placement in their career field when they return home.

Surf outing 2019

Recognition Programs

Annual Surf Outing

Our Annual Surf Outing is a legacy event that promotes caregiver retention and satisfaction. It also provides an opportunity for recognition and appreciation for your Care Professional. Your Care Professional will receive 50% off their registration for this event.

Kudos Recognition Platform

Every family aspires for their Care Professional to not just do their job, but to find joy and fulfillment in their daily tasks. Apex Social’s Kudos is designed to make the process of recognizing and appreciating their extraordinary efforts as intuitive and impactful as possible.

Extension Benefits Program

Robust benefits program to incentivize Care Professionals to stay for a second year. Includes a round trip airfare home, $1000 travel voucher for travel month and more
Woman celebrating her recognition
Infant Care qualified Nanny sitting at a table helping feed three smiling infants. Two boys and one girl.

Skilled Live-in Child Care Provider Candidate Pool

With backgrounds in a health, therapy or educational field, families find a “bowl full of needles” vs looking for a “needle in a haystack”. This makes the interviewing experience easier and more positive.

English Evaluation
Personality Assessment
Reference Checks
Childcare Experience Verification
Criminal Background Check
Academic Portfolio & Teacher Reference

Matching Excellence

Empowering Care Professionals with outstanding benefits such as career development and our global community increases their job satisfaction. It is the cornerstone of ensuring high-quality care and services year after year for families.

Dr Hartmann Color Code Personality Assessment

Apex uses the Dr. Hartman Personality Assessment test known as “The Color Code” to help parents gain a deeper understanding of their own personalities and those of the candidates they are interested in. The Color Code is required for all candidates applying to the program. Apex families can take the Color Code assessment and receive their results compliments of Apex after fully completing their application.

Household Employment & Hiring Support

Hands-on guidance to assist in establishing clear expectations prior to match, crafting contracts, and coaching on best practices as a household employer.

Custom-Tailored Matching Support

Our expert Matching team knows our candidates personally and can guide you in the interview and selection process, offer personalized advice, and provide follow-up with candidates to ensure that communication is smooth. They work closely with our talent development team on a daily basis and can also initiate custom searches for families upon request.

Self Serve Portal to Filter, View & Contact Candidates

Our custom matching platform is tailored to represent our families’ unique needs and our candidates’ unique skill sets, making your search for childcare more streamlined and easy!

Cultivating Success

From start to finish, during your time with Apex Social Group– our team is there to offer support and help you, your family and your Care Professional thrive every step of the way.

Apex Household Management Toolkit

Being “CEO of Home Inc” can be a challenge when balancing a career and parenting. We are the experts in managing live-in childcare and provide you with a roadmap for success and tools that your ACD will help you personalize and implement for greater success and retention of your Care Professional.

Here are some of the tools you can expect:

Job Offer & Employment Contract
Household Guide & Host Family Handbook
Personalized Arrival Orientation Packet
GPS- Grow Perform Succeed Performance Management Tool
Monthly Tips & Inspiration for Household Employers

Household Employment & HR Support

With ever changing household employment laws as well as Department of State compliance considerations and state funding programs for families with special needs, we have a dedicated team member working to provide resources and best practices to fmilies.

Dedicated Household Success Manager

Living together means adjusting and learning other’s habits, quirks, and boundaries. With a low manager-to-placement ratio, we help you navigate the delicate balance in creating a harmonious dynamic with your Care Professional.

Placement Resolution Assistance

In human relationships, sometimes we need a little outside support to work through things, we’ve got you covered.

Special needs child both thumbs up

Cross-Cultural Enrichment Experience

Incorporating cultural exchange experiences in children’s lives contributes to molding them into wellrounded, informed, and empathetic individuals capable of navigating the complexities of our diverse world.

A personalized child care plan developed by your Care Professional with support from their Apex Educational & Therapeutic Resources Coach. This plan is unique, and factors in each child’s unique needs, strengths, and existing therapy or school plans to establish a unified developmental plan for your Care Professional to work on in the home, providing them with the professional development support they desire integrated into their daily work in your home.


Physical Therapist
Occupational Therapist
Speech Therapist

Health Care

Nursing Specialist
Healthcare Worker/Nurse
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