Specialized Child Care for Children with Autism

Autism is a unique and diverse condition, and addressing it early on can lead to significant improvements in your child’s life. At Apex Social we recognize and embrace each child’s individual needs. Our Care Professionals are focused on helping pave the way and support effective strategies that can enhance their overall well-being.

We work with Care Professionals who have a background in special needs and who have worked extensively with children diagnosed with autism. Families with autism account for the majority of our host families. Here are some ways our Care Professionals can provide specialized support.

  1. Sensory Support: Children with autism often have sensory sensitivities. A knowledgeable Care Professional can create a sensory-friendly space at home, minimizing overwhelming stimuli and promoting comfort.
  2. Communication Enhancement: Communication can be a challenge for children with autism. A skilled Care Professional can work on improving communication skills using techniques, such as visual aids or augmentative communication devices.
  3. Social Skills: Children with autism typically struggle with social interactions. Our caregivers can engage your child in activities that encourage social engagement, turn-taking, and understanding social cues.
  4. Routine Establishment: Predictability is important for many children with autism. Establishing and maintaining a consistent daily routine, will provide a sense of stability that can be reassuring for your child.
  5. Self-Care Skills: Care Professionals can help teach and practice daily self-care skills such as dressing, grooming, and hygiene. Use visual prompts and step-by-step instructions to help the child learn in their environments to improve on generalization of skills.
  6. Behavioral Support: Behavioral challenges can arise, but a Care Professional with a background in Occupational Therapy or Special Needs Education can help think through the “why” behind the behavior and implement positive behavior support strategies to address these challenges in a constructive manner.
  7. Play and Learning: Learning through play is crucial for children with autism. A skilled Care Professional can use play-based activities to enhance your child’s cognitive, motor, and social skills in an enjoyable way.
  8. Emotional Regulation: Many children with autism struggle with managing emotions. An Apex Care Professional can work with your care team and integrate techniques on a daily basis to help your child recognize and regulate their emotions effectively.
  9. Family Collaboration: By involving the whole family in your child’s Apex Individualized Care Plan, a Care Professional can work uniformly towards various needs and goals.


By working closely with an Apex Care Professional who understands autism, you’re creating an environment that fosters growth and progress


Physical Therapist
Occupational Therapist
Speech Therapist

Health Care

Nursing Specialist
Healthcare Worker/Nurse
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