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ABA Centers of New Jersey | Individualized ABA Therapy for Autism

About ABA Centers of New Jersey

At ABA Centers of New Jersey, we take it as our responsibility to bring the best autism therapy to as many families as possible. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is the gold standard in autism care. Our highly trained, certified professionals customize therapy programs to meet the goals of individuals with autism and their families. In addition to ABA therapy, we offer autism diagnostic testing in an effort to reduce or eliminate long waiting lists that can rob families of months of critical early intervention care. 

We’re not content to do things the same way because that’s the way they’ve always been done. Our goal is to change the way autism services are offered by eliminating the long waitlists for autism diagnosis AND ABA therapy.

Service Areas

  • Northern Region: Bergen, Hudson, Essex, Passaic, and Morris Counties
  • Central Region: Middlesex, Somerset, Union, and parts of Mercer, and Monmouth Counties
  • Southern Region: Camden, Burlington, and Gloucester Counties

What Makes Us Different?

  • Time to Treatment—We can bring clients into treatment within 21-47 days versus the 6-month-to-2-year industry average. 

  • Autism Diagnostics—Clients can get an independent diagnostic test for autism with us and, if they choose, apply for ABA services. 

  • Technology and Innovation—We have an Engineering Department charged with continuously developing tools to help clinicians. 

  • Training— We have a fully staffed department dedicated solely to training and education: The ABA Academy of Excellence. We have a complete 40-hour course leading to certification for all our Registered Behavior Technicians.

  • Clinical Excellence—91% of our clients experience a reduction in unwanted behaviors in the first 6 months vs. 85% average with others, and 96% of our clients experience behavior growth in the first 6 months vs. 88% average with others.

  • Industry’s Best BCBAs—Our BCBAs have smaller caseloads than other agencies, managing an average of 10 clients or fewer at a time. Lower-than-industry-average caseloads allow our BCBAs to create higher-quality, personalized treatment plans, dramatically enhancing clinical outcomes and reducing time in treatment. 

  • Parent Training—Our treatment plans include 5% of a BCBA’s weekly time for parent and caregiver training. This is often neglected at other agencies.

  • Investment in People—We are paying for master’s degrees for a number of our team members to help create more BCBAs in the world. We have a robust ABA Apprentice Scholarship program for aspiring BCBAs.

A Word from Our Founder on How We Got Started

“The reason we started ABA Centers of America actually comes from my personal family experience. One of my daughters and both of my nieces are on the autism spectrum, and they languished for years waiting just to get a diagnosis. And once they got a diagnosis, they were on another waiting list for ABA therapy. I had business experience in behavioral healthcare, and I found that my resources and infrastructure allowed me to disrupt the fragmented and inconsistent ABA therapy space.” 

Chris Barnett, Founder and Chairman

ABA Centers of New Jersey Culture

The ABA Centers of New Jersey team thrives on professionalism, respect, and a shared passion for helping people. Whether it’s coming together to create special events for kids with autism or collaborating with other therapy providers for the best possible outcome for a child, our people are dedicated to the families we serve. And as a company, we’re dedicated to creating a supportive, uplifting, and fun environment for our people. 

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