Logo for a K-12 school in Seattle that supports neurodiversity, Academy for Precise Learning
Elementary students writing a dictation in the classroom.

Academy for Precision Learning | Supports Neurodiversity In All Its Forms

APL is dedicated to empowering their students in defining and achieving their aspirations for a fulfilling life. They foster a community that advocates for individual voices, promotes agency, and cultivates essential skills for independent living. They believe in nurturing meaningful relationships and embracing the richness of neurodiversity. They celebrate the uniqueness of each student, supporting their journey towards a purposeful and successful future.

Empowering Neurodivergent Students

APL’s mission is to empower neurodivergent students through an innovative K-12 learning community. They prioritize values such as inclusion, advocacy, communication, and individualized support. Additionally, they emphasize sensory awareness, flexibility, and culturally responsive practices. APL celebrates achievements and encourages family involvement, fostering a supportive environment for students’ growth and success.

Comprehensive Services for Diverse Needs

The Academy for Precision Learning offers a range of services catering to individuals with diverse needs. Their offerings include ABA therapy, providing evidence-based intervention for individuals with autism spectrum disorder. They also provide before and after-school care, offering support for families with busy schedules. Additionally, they offer extra-curricular activities to promote holistic development. Pathways Counseling and special education services are also available to provide comprehensive support to their clients.

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