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Advocate To Educate

Ensuring Educational Support and Progress For Your Child

Advocate to Educate is a dedicated resource for parents navigating the complexities of their child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) or 504 Plan. 

They understand the challenges and emotional strain involved in this process. Their team works closely with parents to advocate for their children, ensuring they receive the optimal educational support they deserve. Parents can expect tailored assistance in developing an individualized plan that addresses their child’s unique needs by partnering with them. 

They aim to facilitate meaningful progress and ensure that every child receives the necessary support and services to thrive in their educational journey through their advocacy.

Get To Know The Founder, Eryn Schnel Yolac

Advocate to Educate founder and owner Eryn Schnel Yolac is a wife and proud parent of two great kids. She was identified with Dyslexia at age six. Her parent’s personal experiences and struggles to find proper reading intervention and mental health services as a child are what has inspired her to continue her life’s mission: advocating for children just like her.

Eryn’s professional training began in the classroom as a special education teacher and progressed quickly when she decided to devote all her time and educational abilities to becoming a Board-Certified Education Advocate. She has extensive experience advocating for children with Learning Disabilities, Intellectual Disabilities, Anxiety, and Depression and has managed with a wide variety of complex cases requiring intensive academic support, medical care, and residential treatment. 

How Advocate To Educate Began

After 15 years of teaching special education and becoming a Nationally Board Certified Education Advocate™, Eryn noticed that children with learning differences were often spending six straight hours at school without having any of their unique needs met. Most of them continued to remain behind in multiple academic areas and often required specific interventions that should have been a part of their IEP services.

She identified three areas of attention that could drastically improve the system:

  • Developing more appropriate special education services
  • Establishing more effective collaboration with the school team
  • Better educating parents about their rights and resources

Eryn realized that if we could just focus on improving these three factors, children would have better long-term functional outcomes while simultaneously earning the opportunity to achieve meaningful academic progress.  

Their Advocacy Services

They are dedicated to helping you and your child’s school team create, implement, and maintain IEP’s & 504 plans with integrity. Their goal through this process is to ensure meaningful educational, social-emotional, and functional progress and successful outcomes for your child.

Student File Review
They analyze and review all special education documents alongside the parents.

Strategic Planning 
They use strategic planning to predict and prevent many of the common mistakes their clients face. 

IEP/504 Plan Advocacy
They provide full-service IEP/504 Plan support to all of their clients.

Meeting Assistance
They provide comprehensive meeting support to all of their clients. 

Communication & Support 
They know that communication is key, but that it also needs to be strategic and specific. 

They support parents by providing virtual and in-person consultations to review.

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