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Apex for Kids | Learning Valuable Physical Skills Through Play

Started in August 2015, Active Play Experience for Kids strives to be a dynamic, safe environment for children to learn, explore, and practice basic motor skills. Acquiring these skills at a young age enhances development, improves body control, and builds self-confidence, preparing children to enjoy future physical challenges in their lives. Through games and activities, they introduce young children to the proper form of fundamental movement skills. The APEX for Kids program is designed as a fun way to improve body awareness, balance, agility, and coordination. Instructor-led classes provide a safe, nurturing environment to practice newly acquired physical skills, create a solid foundation of athletic movements, build self-confidence, and encourage children to be the best they can be!

About Ed Sais, the Owner…

His first jobs were as a lifeguard and swim instructor for children. Then for fourteen years he ran the classes at Bright Child, a much-loved kids’ gym and play space in Santa Monica. After several years of working in a different field, and now a father of two, the time finally seemed right to return to the work he is so good at and loves best. 

Ed’s years of experience and infectious sense of fun inform every aspect of Active Play Experience for Kids (APEX)!

Their Unique Offerings

  • A large play area featuring a rock-climbing wall, trampoline, and ball pit.
  • A variety of sports equipment including basketball hoops, soccer goals, and a multitude of balls.
  • Monkey bars, climbing ladders, trapeze bars, and a variety of obstacle course options.
  • A large special events room for private birthday parties, capable of hosting 15-35 child guests, including a kitchenette for food and cake service.  

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