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Autism Dietitian

Helping Your Child Feel Their Best & Thrive

Brittyn is the creator of the Nourishing Autism Collective, a registered dietitian, and an expert in autism nutrition.

Using a sensory-friendly approach to nutrition, she empowers parents to confidently feed their children on the autism spectrum. You can help your child eat a wider variety of foods, have pain-free bowel movements, increase their nutrient levels, focus better, and feel their best by implementing her autism-specific techniques!

The Nourishing Autism Collective

Nutrition for autism doesn’t have to be a complete diet overhaul, an overly-restrictive diet, or a complete struggle. And… you don’t have to do this alone.

Your child’s diet can absolutely play a role in your child’s behavior, focus, and mood – if they’re depleted and not feeling their best, how can we expect them to perform their best in school & therapies?

The good news is that small changes can add up to big wins. She’s here to help you build a sustainable lifestyle for your family that seamlessly integrates better nutrition & wellness, without the stress and overwhelm.

Inside the Nourishing Autism Collective

Personalized Roadmap
There is no one diet, supplement, or journey for everyone. Immediately after becoming a member, they will help you design your child’s nutrition roadmap so that you can focus on what’s important and relevant.

Live Support Calls
Get monthly support from Brittyn and her team of autism dietitians in live group support calls to answer your nutrition questions and have the support you need to take the next steps and seamlessly integrate nutrition into your family’s routine.

Live Guest Experts
Each quarter they bring in top autism specialists including Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapists, Behavioralists, Pediatricians, and more to help you take a holistic approach to your child’s wellness plan. 

Searchable Library
Get instant and unlimited access to their complete autism nutrition library to search for supplements, foods, nutrients, symptoms, conditions, and more. Their team has done the research so that you don’t have to! The library is updated periodically with new research & up-to-date recommendations.

Their Inner Circle
You’re granted immediate access to their inner circle community where you can share your struggles & goals, get encouragement and accountability, connect with other autism moms, and receive support from their dietitian team whenever you need it.

Kid-Friendly Recipes
Browse hundreds of kid-friendly recipes including quick breakfast ideas, packable lunches, filling snacks, nourishing sweets, and weeknight dinners.

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