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Be Exceptional | A Program for People with Exceptional Needs

Be Exceptional, is a nonprofit organization located in the East Bay, that is dedicated to offering recreational classes and social gatherings tailored for individuals confronting developmental, physical, and emotional hurdles. Through its mission, the organization strives to create inclusive spaces where individuals of all abilities can engage in activities that promote physical well-being, emotional growth, and social connections. By providing a diverse range of programs, Be Exceptional aims to address the unique needs and interests of its participants, fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment within the community. Through partnerships with local organizations and the dedication of its volunteers, Be Exceptional continues to expand its reach and impact, enriching the lives of those it serves across the East Bay area.

About the Founder, Lynda Green…

Lynda Green, founder of Be Exceptional, has dedicated over 30 years to teaching dance and 25 years to working with individuals with special needs. Combining her passions, she initiated recreational classes for those with exceptional needs at her family’s dance studio in Antioch, California, 15 years ago, offering a vital respite for families and caregivers while fostering community socialization. Evolving into Be Exceptional, a recently established nonprofit program, it employs a mix of experienced volunteers and compassionate youth, fostering growth through its unique “buddy” system. With a commitment to cultivating a familial atmosphere, Be Exceptional provides unwavering support for all participants and volunteers alike.

A Diverse Option of Programs

A diverse array of programs offered by Be Exceptional, each meticulously designed to cater to individuals facing developmental, physical, and emotional challenges. From therapeutic dance classes to interactive play, their initiatives aim to promote holistic well-being and foster a sense of community inclusion. Through these programs, participants have the opportunity to explore their passions, build new skills, and form meaningful connections with peers and mentors.

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  • Cheerleading with Team Exceptional
  • Zoom Classes and Home Activities
  • Dance Classes
  • Fitness
  • Be Exceptional Skate
  • Sensory Room and Social Center
  • Biddy Sports
  • Social Events

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