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Build. Learn. Thrive | Therapy Sliced Differently

They are a group of experienced and passionate occupational, physical, and speech and language therapists who specialize in assessing and treating kiddos in the preschool and elementary school settings. They believe in a strengths-based, child-centered, holistic approach, and value open communication with parents and teachers to help each child excel beyond “therapy time.” Having worked together in the public school setting for many years, they are passionate about giving every child an opportunity to thrive based on his/her individual needs.

Their Mission
To help children achieve their fullest potential by building life skills, sparking creativity, and finding solutions to life’s challenges.

Their Philosophy

They believe in helping children thrive by:

  • Focusing on their strengths
  • Helping them gain new skills by expanding their horizons
  • Using play, creativity, and exploration as a foundation to build intellectual curiosity
  • Recognizing that every child is unique
  • Taking a can-do approach to problem-solving
  • Engaging the child’s community (parents, teachers, and clinical team) is crucial to success

Curated Steps to Meet the Children's Individual Needs

Getting Started

  • Free Consultation Call
  • Screening
  • Evaluation
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1:1 Private Visits at Home or School

  • Individualized consultation and referrals at your home or your child’s school.
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Consultations and Workshops

  • Empowering parents/teachers with customized tools for home & classroom integration.
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Play Groups

  • Age and ability-based play groups to focus on various individual and social skills in a fun setting.
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Summer Camps

  • Three-week Day Camp for extra-focused time with your kiddo to Build, Learn & Thrive!
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Mobile Apps

  • Keep tabs on your child’s behavior patterns to better determine the care they need with our fun mobile app!
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