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Build. Learn. Thrive | Therapy Sliced Differently

They are a group of experienced and passionate occupational, physical, and speech and language therapists who specialize in assessing and treating kiddos in the preschool and elementary school settings. They believe in a strengths-based, child-centered, holistic approach, and value open communication with parents and teachers to help each child excel beyond “therapy time.” Having worked together in the public school setting for many years, they are passionate about giving every child an opportunity to thrive based on his/her individual needs.

What Makes Build Learn Thrive Unique?

At BLT, they have a unique role to play among therapy providers, and their treatment philosophy allows them to provide high-impact services:

  • They believe strongly that the best therapy treats not only the child but also informs the child’s parents, teachers, and clinical care team. While they may only treat a child once per week, the most important development will happen between treatment sessions. They center their treatment services on creating a great care team foundation and communicate regularly with that team to ensure we are all heading in the same direction toward the desired goal.

  • Social interactions have a dramatic impact on child development. They offer socialization opportunities such as our Hands-On Learning with 3D Printing, annual Summer Camp, and Social Language group to give children an opportunity to socialize, learn new skills, and develop confidence in a group setting.

  • They believe technological innovations can help a care team coordinate and obtain data that better informs care. They have developed their own mobile app to enable parents, teachers, and caregivers to collect information that can be used to discover the most appropriate treatments for individual children.

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