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Christine Homan Occupational Therapy

Enhancing Child Development

Christine Homan Occupational Therapy offers a unique and individualized approach to occupational therapy, with a focus on empowering each child to reach their developmental potential. Christine Homan’s expertise and compassionate approach ensure that every child receives the support they need to thrive.

Specialized Occupational Therapy Services

Christine Homan specializes in providing occupational therapy tailored to each child’s needs, whether it’s developing motor skills, improving sensory processing, or enhancing cognitive abilities.

Expertise in Sensory Integration and Motor Skills

Sensory Integration Therapy
Christine Homan’s therapy sessions focus on sensory integration, helping children with sensory processing disorders to better navigate their environment.

Motor Skills Development​
Her therapy also emphasizes developing fine and gross motor skills, essential for daily activities and academic success.

Cognitive and Social Skills Enhancement
Cognitive and social skill development are integral parts of her therapy, ensuring a well-rounded approach to each child’s growth.

A Child-Centered Approach

Christine Homan’s approach is deeply child-centered, ensuring that each therapy session is not only effective but also engaging and enjoyable for the child. She creates a safe and nurturing environment where children can explore and grow.

Connect with Christine Homan Occupational Therapy

For more information about Christine Homan’s occupational therapy services and her approach to individualized child development, visit Christine Homan Occupational Therapy’s website. Discover her unique approach to enhancing each child’s developmental journey.

Embark on a journey of growth and development with Christine Homan’s specialized occupational therapy services. Experience her personalized approach to enhancing your child’s abilities.

  • (408) 673-7750
  • Email: christinehoman@pedstherapy.net


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