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Courageous Parents Network | Empowering Families to Navigate the Illness Journey

Courageous Parents Network is a non-profit organization that orients and empowers parents and others caring for children with serious medical conditions, by providing resources and tools that reflect the experience and perspective of other families and clinicians. You will find wisdom from families and pediatric clinicians to help you feel you are doing the very best you can for your child and family.

Easy Access Information

Courageous Parents offers a diverse range of free resources, including videos, podcasts, and downloadable guides, to support families facing critical and sensitive issues in pediatric care, such as coping with grief and making difficult decisions.

Promotes the Benefit of Shared Experiences

Their community initiative focuses on connecting families and providers, fostering support and understanding through shared experiences. They offer various avenues for connection, including online events, virtual and in-person presentations, and opportunities for families to share their stories through blogs. They aim to minimize isolation, provide educational resources, and promote a sense of solidarity among those navigating the challenges of illness.

Advocates for Pediatric Palliative Care

Courageous Parents advocates for pediatric palliative care to improve the quality of life for families facing challenging circumstances. Through engagement with national leaders and organizations, including providers and policymakers, they strive to raise awareness and promote the adoption of pediatric palliative care. By collaborating on research, presentations, and reports, they aim to highlight the benefits of PPC and ultimately enhance outcomes for families navigating difficult journeys.

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