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EazyHold | Adaptable, Hygienic Cuff for All Ages

Their patented EazyHold design gives children and adults the ability to hold onto tons of items with ease. EazyHold straps are made of soft, flexible food-grade silicone, hypoallergenic and latex-free. Wash in the dishwasher or clean with disinfectant wipes. These silicone cuffs can be sanitized at temperatures up to 500 degrees and won’t degrade!

Meet the Millen Sisters...

EazyHold, born from the inventive spirit of three sisters, Wendy, Kerry, and Merrily Mellin, embodies the pursuit of independence amidst challenges. 

Recognizing the toll of joint wear and tear on grip strength, the Mellin sisters innovated a solution to maintain their active lifestyles. Inspired by a simple yet effective makeshift aid using duct tape, they embarked on a mission to create inclusive gripping aids accessible to all. Drawing from their experiences and frustrations with outdated assistive devices, they envisioned EazyHold as a hygienic, adaptable, and affordable solution. Utilizing silicone technology, they shattered barriers, revolutionizing the grip aid market with a range of versatile, comfortable, and user-friendly products.

The Only Cuff for All Ages and Abilities

EazyHold offers a versatile solution for individuals facing challenges with grip strength, enabling them to maintain independence in their daily activities despite physical limitations or disabilities. Available in multiple sizes tailored for various age groups, from infants to seniors, their grip assist ensures a secure hold on objects of all sizes, ranging from small utensils to larger items like toys or gait trainers. These flexible universal cuffs provide a comfortable and reliable grip, allowing users to confidently handle eating utensils, writing implements, sippy cups, and other essentials with ease. With EazyHold, individuals can regain control over their daily routines, empowering them to navigate through life’s tasks with greater confidence and autonomy.

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