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Every Mind Speech | Every Child Deserves A Voice

At Every Mind Speech, they believe every child deserves a voice. They are a boutique speech therapy practice in the suburbs of NYC that specializes in working with autistic and neurodivergent children.

They are neurodiversity-affirming, which means they believe that the natural differences in how we think, feel, behave, and relate to others are what makes each person unique and valuable.

Every Mind Speech empowers children and families to be confident communicators.

Their Specialized Therapy Services

Their approach to speech therapy for kids is highly personalized. By focusing on your child’s strengths, they will build new skills by engaging all of the sensory systems through movement, interactive games, and play.

They also strive to create a safe emotional and physical environment to support communication development in a way that inspires your child to engage in the learning process.

At Every Mind Speech, parent involvement is a cornerstone of our speech therapy services. They take time for parent coaching and education every session. One-on-one parent coaching sessions are also available for parents who want focused time with Rachel.

Late Talkers

Delays in early communication skills can be frustrating for both you and your child. Speech therapy for late talkers builds skills to help your child express themselves while also teaching parents how to support development at home.

Therapy will help your child:

  • Feel less frustrated
  • Communicate their wants, needs, and ideas
  • Interact with peers
  • Develop foundational skills for reading and writing

They honor all forms of communication, from spoken words, gestures, writing, and AAC. Their goal is to help your child feel understood!

Is your child repeating language from TV shows, songs, or movies? Echolalia is natural language development! Speech therapy for children who script starts by acknowledging all communication attempts while uncovering the underlying meaning of what they are saying.

During your sessions, they will:

  • Empower your child to share their ideas
  • Build language skills for reading, writing, and storytelling
  • Guide your child to use original language to communicate

At Every Mind Speech, therapy is always collaborative. They will work with you and your child to understand and expand their communication.

Play is how children learn, explore the world, and connect with others. By introducing new play experiences, your child can develop positive social and emotional communication skills.

Therapy for social and play skills will help you and your child learn how to:

  • Incorporate strategies that promote perspective-taking and self-advocacy
  • Teach self-regulation strategies through play
  • Develop flexible thinking to solve problems independently

Their goal is to reduce social anxiety and increase self-understanding. They will help your child build their confidence and connect with others.

If speech seems like a physical challenge for your child, Every Mind Speech can help! Speech therapy for apraxia focuses on speech production through new motor plans. They use motor planning approaches based on the principles of motor learning, such as Dynamic Temporal and Tactile Cueing (DTTC).

Speech therapy will help your child speak more clearly by using engaging and repetitive practice to:

  • Improve the sequencing and coordination of motor movements rather than only focusing on individual sounds
  • Increase speech clarity for important words and names
  • Increase confidence and reduce frustration

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