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Flourish | Personalized Nutrition Care For Children

Flourish is a specialty nutrition practice dedicated to providing personalized nutrition care for children with high-acuity needs, including Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), on their relationship with food. They have a team of board certified Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) that works exclusively with pediatric patients with developmental disorders, each with >7 years of experience and understand that every child is unique in their strengths, challenges, and nutritional needs.

Their experts meet with your children virtually on a personalized cadence and work on building long-term relationships and safe, caring environments while addressing both food sensitivities and symptoms (e.g. GI issues) as well as underlying mental and behavioral challenges (e.g., Avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder otherwise known as ARFID).

How To Get Started with Flourish

‍Find Your Match
They’ll match you with a provider who is experienced in what matters to you. Their experts are board-certified and have an average of 7+ years of specialized experience.

Meet One-on-One
Your nutritionist will get to know you personally, build a custom plan, and provide as much ongoing support as you need. You can meet with your nutritionist online in days.

‍Save Money
You’ll get the quality care you deserve and they’ll connect with your insurance plan to ensure you pay the minimum out-of-pocket cost. Many of their members pay $0.

They Are In-Network With Most Insurance Plans

  • United Health Care
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Anthem
  • Aetna
  • Independent Health
  • MVP Health Care
  • and dozens more …

Join Thousands Of Patients Like You

“I have been working with Coral for over a year and she is so incredibly kind, professional, knowledgeable, and understanding. She has given me treatment plans that are both realistic to follow long term AND effective, and is always responsive when I have questions outside of our regularly scheduled appointments.”

– AD, working on improving gut health with Coral

“Catherine was excellent. She taught me things that changed the way I eat and opened up new options for me. I thought my CKD was going to limit my food for the rest of my life but Catherine helped me figure out additional foods I could add to my menu.”

– RR, working on managing CKD with Catherine

“Laura created a welcoming, kind, and nonjudgmental environment in which I felt very comfortable candidly discussing my eating. She guided me through both the physical and mental changes that occur during recovery from this disorder. Our treatment goals were always personalized to my life and situation. I can’t recommend Laura enough!”

– AA, working on improving their relationship with food with Laura

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