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Grow and Learn Play and ABA | Support All Children Regardless of Diagnosis

Grow and Learn Play and ABA is a private practice that specializes in play-based ABA and child development programs tailored for toddlers and young children. They take a holistic approach to assess the identified behavior(s), design a plan, and support you in implementing it. All assessments and strategies are evidence-based and backed by the science of human behavior. They also provide direct behavior therapy to children to help them build the skills that allow them to thrive and more effectively navigate their world. They support all children regardless of diagnosis or no diagnosis.

Advocate for Collaborative Growth

As an advocate for collaborative growth, their commitment begins and ends with supporting parents in navigating their child’s developmental journey. They prioritize guiding both parents and children through every stage of development with empathy and understanding. Utilizing the principles of behavior and learning science, they aim to empower families with effective strategies tailored to their unique needs. By fostering a collaborative approach, they seek to cultivate a supportive environment where both parents and children can thrive. 

Curated Service Offerings

The service offerings at Grow and Learn Play and ABA encompass development and wellness initiatives tailored to various age groups. Early intervention services are provided to address developmental needs in young children, aiming to promote healthy growth and development from an early age. Additionally, APL offers support for school-age children, ensuring they receive the assistance necessary to thrive academically and socially. Their comprehensive approach spans across developmental stages, emphasizing the importance of addressing needs at different points in a child’s life.

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