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Hang-Ten Therapeutics was founded on a passion for surfing, making surf therapy its primary intervention method, particularly beneficial for children facing sensory processing difficulties, motor delays, and needing social-emotional support. The calming influence of water serves as a grounding element, offering a safe space for children to navigate developmental challenges. Hang-Ten recognizes how sensory processing difficulties can impact various aspects of a child’s life, including emotional regulation and self-identity. Through tailored experiences using water, boards, and sand, children are encouraged to succeed in an environment that matches their sensory and emotional needs. By fostering empowerment and confidence while prioritizing play and self-expression, Hang-Ten aims to help children build vital skills and a strong sense of belonging.

About the Owner, Naomi Matanick…

Naomi Matanick, OTR, is a licensed pediatric occupational therapist renowned for her expertise in various specialized areas. With a focus on infant and child development, she excels in guiding young ones through crucial stages of growth. Additionally, her proficiency extends to feeding therapy, ensuring children develop healthy eating habits and skills. Matanick’s specialization in sensory integration therapy underscores her commitment to addressing sensory processing challenges effectively. Moreover, her incorporation of surf therapy highlights her innovative approach to promoting holistic well-being in children, utilizing the therapeutic benefits of the ocean environment. Through her diverse skill set, Matanick brings comprehensive support to the developmental journey of the children she serves.

Areas of Support

Not ready for the water? No problem. Hang-Ten Therapeutics uses a holistic approach to finding what form of intervention may best suit the needs of each family. She is passionate about providing care and attention to each stage of child development. Services can be provided that target infant and child support in the home environment.

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  • Surf Therapy for moms
  • Child Development
  • Infant Development

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