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Horizon Neuropsychological Services | Comprehensive Evaluation of All Ages

Horizon Neuropsychological Services, LLC conducts neuropsychological evaluations for children, teens, adults, and older adults. Results provide diagnostic clarification and inform treatment planning.

More specifically, their doctors evaluate those with: Neurodevelopmental disorders, neurocognitive disorders, complex medical or genetic conditions contributing to one’s neuropsychological health, as well as, psychiatric conditions, and any challenges involving cultural, religious, gender or sexual identity.

Empowering Youth with Holistic Development

At Horizon, they support children and teens in becoming their best selves by addressing various aspects of their development. This includes understanding their cognitive profile, tracking milestones, and tailoring learning approaches to their individual learning profiles. They provide academic assistance and guidance, including preparation for standardized tests, while also prioritizing mental and physical health. Their approach extends beyond adolescence, preparing individuals for adulthood, and they recognize the importance of considering cultural intersectionality in their support strategies.

Inclusive Services for Diverse Needs

They offer comprehensive evaluations catering to individuals of all ages. These assessments encompass various aspects such as returning to work, educational pursuits, medication management, and fostering better parent-child understanding. Additionally, they specialize in optimizing performance, providing pre-and post-neurosurgical evaluations, addressing dementia concerns, facilitating rehabilitation, and assisting with gender reassignment processes. Their services cover a broad spectrum of needs, ensuring tailored support for diverse populations seeking neuropsychological assessment and intervention.

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