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ImaginAble Solutions

Improve the Quality of Life for People with Disabilities

ImaginAble Solutions is a social impact company that creates assistive technology to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities. They offer design services for families and healthcare facilities to ensure the handpieces of our award-winning Guided Hands™ meet the needs of our users.

Their mission is to improve accessibility by creating innovative technologies and accessible designs to break down barriers and make communication, recreation, and rehabilitation accessible to all. They are committed to fostering a culture of inclusivity and promoting disability awareness and social innovation in our community.

Their Story…

Their journey began in 2018 when their Founder Lianna Genovese met Elissa, a woman with Cerebral Palsy who loves to paint. As her condition progressed, she experienced spasticity and weakness in her hand, making holding and using a paintbrush impossible.

Elissa had lost her confidence, passion, and creativity. Inspired to reignite Elissa’s passion, Lianna created the company’s first product, Guided Hands™. Elissa is amongst millions of people with a medical condition or injury experiencing limited hand mobility. A few months later, Lianna met Bella, a girl with Cerebral Palsy at McMaster Children’s Hospital.

Introducing Guided Hands™

An international award-winning assistive device that enables anyone with limited fine motor skills to write, paint, draw, and access technology.


  • Promotes guided hand movements.
  • The sliding system encourages the use of gross motor skills in the shoulders, rather than the limited fine motor skills in the hands.
  • Utensil holder is multipurpose and compatible with pens, pencils, paintbrushes, markers, and styluses.
  • Ergonomic wrist rest and adjustable strap.
  • Ambidextrous handpieces tailored to accommodate various levels of hand mobility.

Enabling People to Live the Lives They Imagine

Guided Hands™ assists individuals with limited hand dexterity, varying muscle tone, weakness in the hand and arm, or difficulty grasping objects as a result of a medical condition or injury such as Cerebral Palsy, arthritis, Huntington’s Disease, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries and strokes among others.


Guided Hands™ breaks down barriers in the classroom to enhance student learning by fostering communication, sensory motor skills, and self-expression.


Guided Hands™ empowers adults to be active with work by accessing technology and staying connected with their creative pursuits.


Guided Hands™ promotes cognitive function, hand-eye coordination, and helps seniors regain their independence and confidence.

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