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JMS Education Consulting

Ensuring Students Receive The Education They Deserve

JMS Educational Consulting, led by Joanna Salzman, offers assistance tailored to your child’s needs. Through attentive listening and understanding, Joanna collaborates with you to devise effective next steps, whether through comprehensive testing or strategic recommendations. 

If your child is facing challenges academically, socially, or emotionally, seeking help is essential as every child deserves support. Initiating a conversation with the school about your concerns and exploring available options is crucial.

JMS Educational Consulting ensures that interventions with both you and the school are evidence-based and aimed at tangible improvements, offering constant support throughout the process.

Meet Joanna Salzman, the CEO of JMS Consulting

Joanna Salzman, CEO of JMS Education Consulting, has three decades of experience in special education. Her educational background includes a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education from James Madison University, a Master’s in Special Education from American University, an Education Specialist Degree from George Washington University, and an Administration Certificate from Towson University. Her training at the Lab School of Washington honed her skills in special education teaching. Throughout her career, she has worked with students aged 3 to 21, developing a keen understanding of their diverse abilities and needs. 

Joanna’s expertise extends to problem-solving and identifying necessary support systems for student success, garnered from her tenure in various roles within the Prince George’s County Public Schools and the Montgomery County Public School System. 

Recently, she served as a guest speaker at George Mason University, sharing insights with doctoral students on applying psychological skills in clinical settings and fostering effective teamwork among professionals.

Their Approach To Special Education Consulting

At JMS Education Consulting, their approach is to partner with both the family and the school to ensure the student’s success. Their goal is to assist you in determining the best course of action for your child’s success.

They advocate for collaborative efforts between families and schools to address the diverse needs of students effectively. They will establish a clear understanding of your child’s definition of success. This involves navigating through the Individualized Education Program (IEP) and 504 processes where applicable. Their goal is to empower both families and schools to create an environment conducive to your child’s growth and achievement.

Special Education Consultant Services Offered:


  • Initial review to assess all available and current student data. 
  • Conduct intake meetings to clarify data, hear parent concerns and priorities, and formulate a plan.


  • Advocate at school meetings and conferences.
  • Communication with school staff and parents including emails, phone calls, texts, Google docs, virtual meetings, etc. 
  • Review future reports and documents, and provide feedback.

Other Services

  • Observe a student in a classroom to provide parent feedback and suggestions for the school to consider.
  • Visit and assess alternative school programs and settings.
  • Serve as an expert witness. 
  • Perform education assessment testing.
  • Other services upon request.

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