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Law Offices of Johanna G. Burke, Esq.

Special Needs Advocates and Compassionate Legal Support

At The Law Offices of Johanna G. Burke, Esq., they specialize in assisting families with special needs children. If you find yourself constantly worrying about your child’s access to necessary services and their potential for independence, they understand your concerns. Navigating the system for basic services can be overwhelming, especially when your child requires round-the-clock care. 

Johanna Burke, herself a mother to a severely developmentally disabled child, empathizes with your situation and is here to help. Let them provide you with the support and guidance you need to ensure your child receives the care and services they deserve, giving you the peace of mind you seek.

Johanna not only advocates for the special needs of the developmentally disabled population, but also advocates for those with autism spectrum disorders, Down syndrome, brain injuries, learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, dyslexia, apraxia, seizure disorders, bipolar depression, and those with visual and hearing impairments.

Meet Johanna G. Burke

Johanna G. Burke, a graduate of Seton Hall Law School in 1994, transitioned from a judicial law clerk to founding her legal practice in 2013, focusing on assisting special needs families, inspired by her son Aidan’s challenges. Simultaneously, she worked at Pearson publishing company for 14 years, negotiating contracts. 

Johanna’s legal expertise enabled her to help over 45 families in New Jersey access vital services for their special needs children, collaborating extensively with state agencies and care organizations. She also founded the nonprofit Fight 4 Autism in 2014, aiding over 90 families with financial support for various needs. 

In 2020, Johanna committed full-time to her legal practice, driven by her passion to empower special needs families and ensure their children receive the best possible care and opportunities for independence.

Aidan’s Story

Aidan, born on February 9, 2003, faced numerous challenges, including severe speech delay, autism, sensory integration disorder, verbal and global apraxia, epilepsy, DiGeorge Syndrome, bipolar depression, and OCD. Despite these difficulties, his mother tirelessly advocated for his well-being, securing various services and treatments. Eventually, Aidan transitioned to a group home where he experienced significant improvements in health, communication, and independence. His transformation, including learning to express love independently, brought immense pride and joy to his mother. 

They now live closer, allowing for more frequent visits and a deeper sense of peace. Aidan’s resilience continues to inspire his mother’s unwavering dedication to advocating for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Practice Areas They Can Help You

Johanna can help you in the review and implementation of IEPs, as well as making sure your children are getting all the appropriate services.

Johanna can help you in placing your child with special needs under the age of 21 as well as over the age of 21 into an appropriate placement. She handles abuse and neglect cases.

Johanna has extensive knowledge and experience in navigating how to get services in the many twists and turns in New Jersey’s system of care. She also handles Social Security Disability issues as well as Medicaid issues.

Johanna has experience in the Guardianship process and can help your family decide what is best for your child before they turn 18 years of age.

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