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NAPA Center

Intensive Therapy Programs, Tailored to Your Child’s Unique Needs

At NAPA (Neurological and Physical Abilitation) Center, they celebrate how every child is different and help them overcome their special challenges. They make special therapy programs for them, using different kinds of therapy like speech, physical, and occupational therapy.

Each program is for one child, so no two are the same. Once we’ve made the program, their therapists, who are very experienced and caring, work closely with the child to help them reach their goals, no matter how big or small. They also think about what the family needs; sometimes, they even want them to join in our programs.

Their History

NAPA (Neurological and Physical Abilitation) Center was founded in 2008 by Lynette LaScala after spending two decades traveling around the world in search of the best therapies and treatments for her son Cody. Cody experienced a near drowning accident on his first birthday, after which Lynette made it her life’s mission to help him reach his full potential and instill hope. Her journeys around the world inspired her to make the best and most innovative therapies available under one roof.

Locations supported: Today, they have seven clinics located in Los Angeles, Boston, Austin, Denver, and Chicago in the US and Sydney & Melbourne, Australia.

Innovative Therapy Services

NAPA Center is dedicated to delivering innovative therapy services to children with a variety of neurological and developmental needs. They strive to provide children and families with hope by offering services in a playful environment that enables clients to maximize their full developmental potential.

Their vision is to promote and sustain inventive practice through education and interdisciplinary teamwork. They are committed to providing our therapists with exceptional learning experiences and remain connected with the academic community and current practice by acting as a teaching clinic.

Dedicated to Empowering Families

NAPA Center embodies a philosophy centered on hope and belief in every child’s potential, offering families a beacon of optimism even when faced with challenges. Rooted in love, NAPA operates as a familial entity, extending warmth and compassion through every interaction and gesture. Collaboration and education are integral to NAPA’s mission, as therapists strive to continually learn and share knowledge, ultimately enhancing the well-being of clients and their families. Additionally, NAPA prioritizes growth, actively seeking evolution and engagement to ensure the delivery of top-tier therapy services. Through these principles of hope, love, sharing, and growth, NAPA Center remains dedicated to its mission of empowering children and families.

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