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Parents are the experts in their children. When you have concerns about your child’s development, you, as the parent or caregiver, are in the best position to address them. Your involvement is crucial for helping your child’s skills improve. North Star’s research-based speech therapy model utilizes parent coaching as a foundation for treatment.

Parents discovering ways to enhance their child’s communication skills often experience reduced stress levels. Additionally, they observe faster progress in their children than relying solely on traditional speech therapy. North Star’s expert pediatric speech-language therapists actively engage with parents and caregivers during online or at-home sessions. Through these sessions, they provide valuable tools, empowering parents to confidently support their child’s development.

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North Star is thrilled to offer free AAC devices through a grant funded by the California Department of Rehabilitation. Learn more about the Voice Options free AAC program.

Contact us to arrange an AAC demonstration, and you’ll get a free iPad with a speech-generating app. This is ideal for children who struggle with speech or are nonverbal, especially those with autism or childhood apraxia of speech. It provides valuable support for their communication needs.

Help your Child Communicate

Speech therapists, or speech-language pathologists (SLPs), are experts in communication. Speech-language therapy (also called speech therapy) helps children who have difficulty communicating, including saying sounds correctly and speaking in words or sentences. Speech therapy can help treat communication difficulties caused by autism in toddlers and children, teach words to children who aren’t talking help children say sounds more clearly, improve your ability to understand your child, and decrease tantrums caused by frustration. Speech-language therapy should be individualized to your child’s needs and family’s goals and should always be based on researched-based techniques. Most SLPs have a master’s degree, but North Star’s founder, Dr. Katherine, holds the highest degree available in the field, a doctorate in speech-language pathology. North Star’s therapists are pediatric experts. She will work with your family and guide you to improve your child’s skills during speech therapy.

The Best Speech Therapy for your Child

North Star’s speech-language therapists are experts in pediatric speech and language therapy with extensive experience in autism, early intervention, speech production, childhood apraxia of speech (known as “CAS” or “apraxia”), augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), and nonspeaking individuals (also called “nonverbal”). Our therapists understand and apply clinical research, ensuring that your child receives the highest-quality speech therapy available. North Star challenges the traditional model by providing care that is truly family-centered. Parents and caregivers are included in every step of the process, including participating in each speech therapy session. Visit us in our office in Point Loma! Online speech and language therapy is available only in California.

Speech-Language Services

In-Office and Online Appointments

Come visit us at our Point Loma office! In addition to clinic appointments, North Star’s online services make it easy for your child to receive an evaluation and therapy on your schedule. We accept Tricare Prime, Tricare Select, San Diego Regional Center (SDRC) payments, self-determination program (SDP) payments, health savings account (HSA) payments, flexible spending account (FSA) payments, and private pay. Our rates are as follows

25 minutes: $67.50 -$75
50 minutes: $135 -$150
Evaluation: $310 -$350

Prices include prompt pay discount for HSA, FSA, and private pay when payment is made on the day-of the appointment.

Each speech-language therapy appointment includes individualized, evidence-based treatment, parent coaching, and a personalized home plan.

Research evidence suggests that children with speech and language delays and disorders whose parents receive parent coaching make faster progress that children whose parents don’t. Most speech-language therapy includes parent education, where the therapist might speak with you for a few minutes at the end of the appointment and give you a handout with strategies to practice at home. Parent coaching is different. During parent coaching, you are included as an active participant throughout each speech-language therapy appointment. North Star’s parent coaching includes didactic instruction, opportunities to practice with your child, self-reflection, and feedback. If your child already receives speech-language therapy with a different provider and/or you prefer to receive weekly therapy from an in-network provider, supplemental parent coaching, once or twice per month, can help you learn strategies to speed your child’s progress, reduce stress, and feel empowered in how to guide your child.

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North Star completes evaluations for speech generating devices (SGDs) for Tricare Prime and Tricare Select enrollees. We can also complete evaluations and make recommendations for individuals who wish to self-fund purchase of a speech generating device.

In addition, North Star is thrilled to partner with the California Department of Rehabilitation to offer access to the Voice Options Program through a grant from the CA Public Utilities Commission. Through Voice Options, any Californian who is nonspeaking, nonverbal, or has difficulty communication can receive a free augmentative-alternative communication device and up to three house of training or therapy. Read more about the Voice Options Program and how you can get a free iPad with an AAC app (such as TouchChat, LAMP Words for Life, Proloquo2Go, Proloquo4Text) to use as an AAC device.

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North Star assesses and diagnoses language impairment and delay, speech sound disorder, and childhood apraxia of speech. North Star’s speech-language experts have extensive experience evaluating children, including those diagnosed with autism, minimally verbal or nonverbal communicators, and children from 12 months to adulthood. An initial speech-language evaluation has several purposes:

  1. Determine if your child’s skills are age-appropriate

  2. Decide if North Star can meet your child’s needs

  3. Make recommendations about necessary services

  4. Establish goals for therapy.

All evaluations include 50 minutes with your child/family and a comprehensive evaluation report.

Evaluations can be conducted online or in-person in your home. Learn more about our evaluations, schedule an evaluation now, or contact us for more information.

The goal of speech therapy is to bring your child’s skills to an age-appropriate range. Speech-language therapy looks like play, but it’s play with a purpose. At North Star, your child’s speech-language pathologist (SLP) will use toys, books, and games to engage your child while coaching parents or caregivers in speech-language facilitation skills.

North Star specializes in speech-language pathology and parent coaching for: early intervention (babies and toddlers), children diagnosed with autism and early signs of autism, speech sound disorders, childhood apraxia of speech (CAS), child language disorders, minimally-verbal children or nonverbal children, and augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) users.

Learn more about speech-language therapy, schedule an appointment now, or contact us for more information..

Not sure about online therapy? Check out our blog post for more information about how online therapy works even for very young children, autistic children, and children with attention difficulties.

North Star’s expert speech-language therapists are experts in augmentative-alternative communication and can provide you with high-quality training in how to program and use an AAC device with your child or loved one. North Star’s speech-language therapists also specialize in programming and implementation of AAC for autistic individuals, including use of AAC for gestalt language processors.

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