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Inclusion and Supporting All Forms of Communication

Expert speech-language therapy and parent coaching in San Diego.

Parents are the experts in their children. When you have concerns about your child’s development, you, as the parent or caregiver, are in the best position to address them. Your involvement is crucial for helping your child’s skills improve. North Star’s research-based speech therapy model utilizes parent coaching as a foundation for treatment.

Parents discovering ways to enhance their child’s communication skills often experience reduced stress levels. Additionally, they observe faster progress in their children than relying solely on traditional speech therapy. North Star’s expert pediatric speech-language therapists actively engage with parents and caregivers during online or at-home sessions. Through these sessions, they provide valuable tools, empowering parents to confidently support their child’s development.

Help your Child Communicate

Speech therapists, or speech-language pathologists (SLPs), are experts in communication. Speech-language therapy (also called speech therapy) helps children who have difficulty communicating, including saying sounds correctly and speaking in words or sentences. Speech therapy can help treat communication difficulties caused by autism in toddlers and children, teach words to children who aren’t talking help children say sounds more clearly, improve your ability to understand your child, and decrease tantrums caused by frustration. Speech-language therapy should be individualized to your child’s needs and family’s goals and should always be based on researched-based techniques. Most SLPs have a master’s degree, but North Star’s founder, Dr. Katherine, holds the highest degree available in the field, a doctorate in speech-language pathology. North Star’s therapists are pediatric experts. She will work with your family and guide you to improve your child’s skills during speech therapy.

The Best Speech Therapy for your Child

North Star’s speech-language therapists are experts in pediatric speech and language therapy with extensive experience in autism, early intervention, speech production, childhood apraxia of speech (known as “CAS” or “apraxia”), augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), and nonspeaking individuals (also called “nonverbal”). Their therapists understand and apply clinical research, ensuring that your child receives the highest-quality speech therapy available. North Star challenges the traditional model by providing care that is truly family-centered. Parents and caregivers are included in every step of the process, including participating in each speech therapy session. 

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