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Promise Landing Farm | Equine-Assisted Services For People Of All Capabilities

Promise Landing Farm is dedicated to fostering inclusivity within the community, where individuals with and without disabilities engage in meaningful interactions alongside their equine partners. Their values center around inclusion, creativity, dignity, and excellence. They prioritize meaningful interactions and participation for all members, constantly seeking innovative approaches while upholding respect and honor for each individual, their animals, and the environment. Through their commitment to excellence, they empower every member of their inclusive community to strive for their best selves.

Promotes Inclusive Atmosphere

At PLF, riders of all capabilities are warmly welcomed into an inclusive atmosphere where physical, emotional, and social needs are nurtured. Their horseback riding lessons provide unique opportunities for students to develop a wide range of skills, from assertiveness to balance and muscle tone. Beyond the arena, they actively encourage participation in social groups and community engagement, empowering their riders to thrive both on and off the saddle.

Hands-On Approach

PLF stands out for its hands-on approach, providing riders with unique opportunities to engage directly with horses and each other within our inclusive barn environment. Featuring educational spaces equipped with interactive materials, their program caters to diverse learning styles while emphasizing respect and care for animals. Through ‘on the ground’ horsemanship lessons, participants not only groom and tack their horses but also delve into broader aspects of horse care through their Stable Masters program and various farm-hosted clinics and demonstrations. Additionally, their outdoor spaces offer immersive experiences in horticulture, ecosystems, and wildlife, enriching the educational journey for all.

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