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SeeInMe | Making Person-Centered Care Accessible

Personalized and Person-Centered Care

Anyone With Complex Needs Can Receive Personalized Care

Seen, safe, and secure

Vulnerable individuals have a quick access QR code or URL that unlocks personalized information critical to caregivers. Those who know the individual best have control over their information to ensure proper care is delivered.

Person-centered Care Fosters Trust

Caring for the whole person is imperative

SeeInMe focuses on meeting needs, not problems. This holistic approach decreases stress by improving access to information. A human, person-centered touch fosters peace of mind by reducing negative incidents.

Curated Technology Solution

SeeInMe Serves the Caregivers of People with Complex Needs

SeeInMe understands & address the needs of the individual, caregiver, & provider

SeeInMe keeps the entire care network on the same page. This includes providers of caregiving systems and solutions including residential care communities, government agencies, and insurance companies.

SeeInMe Ensures Children in Foster Care are Seen, Safe, and Secure

Improve communication with everyone in the extended care network

SeeInMe reduces the likelihood of disrupted placements and the challenges of transitioning to a new placement. Easy consistent access to personalized information results in fewer negative incidents.

SeeInMe Ensures Adults in Elder Care Are Seen, Safe, and Secure

Increase trust through access, coordination, and collaboration

SeeInMe helps providers deliver whole-person care, socialization, and meaning for seniors. Personalized information, easily accessed helps make a positive difference for caregivers and family members.

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