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A Technology Solution Making Person-Centered Care Accessible

SeeInMe serves as a centralized information hub designed specifically for individuals requiring complex care, allowing their entire care network access to vital information. This platform is managed by those closest to the individual, ensuring that the data is accurate, up-to-date, and tailored to their unique needs. By consolidating information in one accessible location, SeeInMe facilitates smoother communication and coordination among caregivers, healthcare professionals, and other support providers.

This collaborative approach empowers caregivers to make well-informed decisions and deliver personalized care effectively. Ultimately, SeeInMe enhances the quality of care received by individuals with complex needs by fostering a comprehensive and integrated support system.

Meet the Founder/CEO, Risa Stein, PhD, MA

Risa, a clinical psychologist and caregiver, founded SeeInMe out of personal experiences with entrusting the care of her neurodivergent son and Alzheimer ‘s-afflicted grandmother to others. 

Alongside friends facing similar challenges, she recognized the struggle of connecting caregivers with the unique needs of their loved ones. This lack of trust led to constant anxiety, hindering genuine connections crucial for holistic well-being. SeeInMe serves as a bridge, facilitating personal connections between caregivers and vulnerable individuals, fostering trust and understanding. 

SeeInMe is headquartered in the middle of America’s Heartland, in a town called Lee’s Summit. She’s always happy to make genuine connections and if you reach out to her, you can bet she will send a personal response.

Improve the Standard of Care

SeeInMe is your partner in providing exceptional care. Their cutting-edge technology helps you unify the care network within and beyond your community’s walls. With SeeInMe, caregivers craft personalized well-being care journeys that reduce stress for everyone.

Serves the Caregivers of People with Complex Needs

SeeInMe keeps the entire care network on the same page. This includes providers of caregiving systems and solutions including residential care communities, government agencies, and insurance companies.

Ensures Children in Foster Care are Seen, Safe, and Secure

SeeInMe reduces the likelihood of disrupted placements and the challenges of transitioning to a new placement. Easy consistent access to personalized information results in fewer negative incidents.

Ensures Adults in Elder Care Are Seen, Safe, and Secure

SeeInMe helps providers deliver whole-person care, socialization, and meaning for seniors. Personalized information, easily accessed helps make a positive difference for caregivers and family members.

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