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At Shefter Law, they understand the challenges and emotions you’re experiencing. Your child’s education and future are of paramount importance, and ensuring they receive the support they deserve is their top priority.

Every child has the right to a fulfilling educational experience, but sometimes, the path to achieving this is riddled with legal hurdles and bureaucratic red tape. That’s where they step in. With years of dedicated experience in special education and special education law, they’re equipped to guide you through the intricacies of the legal system, ensuring your child’s educational needs are met and their rights are protected.

The Frances Shefter Approach To IEP

First and foremost, the Shefter Law approach means you get one managing attorney assigned to your case and involved with your child and your case from start to finish!

No impersonal law firm. Just real lawyers, advocates, and team members who know you, your child, and your case inside and out.

They will gently guide your family through the complicated school processes. Before each step, they will fully discuss the options and put a roadmap in place to navigate the different roads ahead as the school puts up roadblocks. This will help you better understand how they will reach your end goal with as little stress as possible.

You will get in-depth help understanding the many options and choices available for your child at each fork in the road. That includes their expert opinion on the quality and value of these many options.

Shefter Law Core Values

At Shefter Law, PA, they are committed to advocating for the rights of students with special needs through theirr specialized legal services. Their core values are the bedrock of their practice and guide every action they take.

Integrity: They uphold the highest ethical standards, ensuring that their advocacy for children with special needs is conducted with honesty and honor. They approach each case with a commitment to truth and justice, providing their clients with transparent and trustworthy legal counsel.

Empathetic: Understanding the unique challenges faced by families of children with special needs is at the heart of their work. They listen with compassion, offer support with sensitivity, and stand as a steadfast ally to their clients. Their empathy drives us to fight tirelessly for the rights and dignity of every child they represent.

Inclusive: They believe that every child deserves access to quality education and the resources necessary to thrive. Their firm actively promotes inclusivity, working to break down barriers and open doors for students of all abilities. They strive to create a world where educational settings are environments of acceptance and opportunity for all.

Teamwork: Collaboration is key to their success. They work closely with families, educators, and professionals to build strong cases and create positive outcomes. Their team is a united front, pooling their diverse expertise and experiences to advocate effectively for their clients’ rights.

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