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Skilled Therapy and Play Services | Empowering Children and Families

Skilled Therapy & Play Services is a distinguished pediatric therapy practice located in San Carlos, CA, specializing in sensory and play-based interventions. Through their tailored programs, they aim to empower children and their families by fostering independence and promoting development. Their approach is characterized by positivity and naturalism, ensuring that therapy sessions are engaging and effective. By focusing on building confidence and self-esteem, they help children overcome challenges and reach their full potential. Furthermore, Skilled Therapy & Play Services cultivates a supportive community, offering a network of resources and encouragement for families navigating the journey of pediatric therapy.

Why Skilled Therapy and Play Services?

At Skilled Therapy & Play Services, they understand the importance of carry-over. This includes placing an emphasis on caregiver and professional collaboration, education, helping their families understand the why behind targeted interventions, and their unique service delivery model. They are experts at analyzing and breaking down activities and have a great understanding of how the body and brain work. Plus….at Skilled Therapy & Play Services, they understand the meaning of fun! 

They Believe…

  • Starting With What a Child Can Do Provides a Positive Foundation
  • Empowered Parents Create Change
  • Self-Regulation is Essential for Skill Acquisition
  • Each Child is Unique and Individualized Plans Yield Growth
  • Development Occurs in The Context of Relationships
  • The Brain is Flexible and Adaptable and Makes New Connections Through Experiences

Curated Services

They provide clinic-based, home-based, and school-based Occupational Therapy and ABA/Behavior Therapy services to truly foster development and growth across multiple domains. Their therapists specialize in progressing and supporting children in their activities of daily living, social skills and executive function, sensory processing, self-regulation, functional communication, and gross motor and fine motor skills. 

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