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Propelling Young Adults to Reach their Life Goals

Social Grace equips children and adults with the critical skills and creative strategies they need to live life to the fullest. They are led by a team of dynamic, outcome-driven coaches, and therapists.

In an open and energizing environment, Social Grace motivates and mobilizes neurodiverse individuals to assume different perspectives, develop social competencies, and craft new approaches to thrive into adulthood. Founded on the belief that clients succeed through positive relationships with their communities, Social Grace offers a robust support network for families and friends to relate, problem-solve, and find solidarity together.

Meet the Founder, Ginny Conroy

Over the years spent working closely with children and young adults as a special educator and behavior analyst, Ginny honed an individualized, uplifting, and interactive approach to developing her students’ social and life skills, an intentional departure from static, scripted social learning groups.

Following the birth of her daughter Grace and prompted by parents’ growing need for positive and personalized guidance and support for their children, Ginny founded Social Grace, a platform that channeled her passion for propelling young adults to reach their life goals.

What started as an independent coaching practice is today a thriving network of coaches, therapists, and practitioners that provides children, young adults, and their families with the strategies and communities they need to prosper.

Their Services

They provide both virtual and in-person services, including therapy, coaching, consulting, social groups, and free support services. Witnessing the rapid evolution of communication, learning, and collaboration in recent years, they’re excited to adapt and offer their range of services both virtually and in-person to accommodate the changing world. Whether online or face-to-face, they’re here to support you in navigating this new era.

  • Therapy
  • Social Coaching
  • Transition Services
  • Mentorship
  • Community Partners
  • Social Groups
  • Parent Support
  • Consulting Services
  • Summer Groups

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