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Supporting each other

Inclusive Care at Spectrum Services

Spectrum Services is a growing practice that helps people and families with autism, trauma, ADHD, and OCD. They’re in New York, Washington D.C., California, Connecticut, and New Jersey. The team has psychologists, therapists, and more, providing assessments, therapy, and coaching for all ages. They understand the challenges and give special attention and support.

The Importance of Specialized Support for Individuals with Special Needs

The Spectrum Services team knows that people facing these challenges might feel isolated. They’re dedicated to giving the special support and guidance needed for them and their families. Services include diagnosis, evaluations, therapy, family support, coaching, free support groups, and retreats.

Neurodiverse Couples Therapy & Coaching

Navigating relationships can be difficult, and this is no different for couples who have one neurodivergent partner or if both partners are neurodivergent. Spectrum Services offers specialized couples therapy and coaching to help you understand and support each other better. Our team is trained to tailor therapy to your specific needs and neurotypes, ensuring you feel understood and supported in your relationship.

Expert Support for Individuals with Autism

Spectrum Services, led by Dr. Rahimeh Andalibian, specializes in family therapy for neurodiverse families. With expertise in family dynamics and trauma, Dr. Andalibian collaborates with the team to offer comprehensive services, including trauma therapies, neurodiverse couples therapy, OCD therapy, and group therapy. The practice, initially founded by Dr. Geller, has evolved into a leader in treating individuals with Aspergers/Autism and addressing the impacts of trauma. Since taking ownership in 2015, Dr. Andalibian is dedicated to community growth, team diversification, and expanding evidence-based interventions to provide the highest quality care.

Dr. Lynda Geller started Spectrum Services nearly two decades ago, emerged from her observation of the underserved Aspergers/Autism community. Recognizing the gaps in care, Dr. Geller envisioned a holistic approach to evaluation and treatment, aiming to empower individuals and families for a better life. Understanding the complexity of needs, she assembled a dedicated team of professionals at Spectrum Services. This collaborative approach has proven highly effective, providing clients with a range of treatment options for comprehensive care.


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